As you may remember, I recently mentioned that I scheduled a physical for my 42nd birthday. I learned a few interesting things about women’s health. Things went fine, but then I got my blood work profile in the mail and I have much more to learn about High Cholesterol. WHAT?!?! “I am a vegetarian that eats SO Healthy” I actually shouted out loud to the paper…”Seriously?”  But it is true. My numbers are high and included in the bit of mail was a poor quality photocopy of Low Cholesterol Diet. There is a column labeled “Foods Allowed” and another labeled “Foods Restricted”. That’s it. That is my life now. But then as I am reading it I was shocked because out of all the foods on the Restricted list the only things I have (on occasion) are real butter in recipes, not directly on my food, sour cream and cheddar cheese maybe three times a week. Nothing excessive at all! Then I realized that I really had some learning to do. How can I have High Cholesterol and a Low Cholesterol diet? My actual numbers are:

Good = 11 on a Healthy Range of 5 – 40  (YAY!)

Bad = 156 on a Healthy Range of 0 – 99  (GAH!)

If you look closely at my blood you can actually see the chunks of fat floating 
up to the surface and coagulating on top like cooled bacon grease! 

( So I tend exaggerate just a little when I speak! )
My handout says that I have to avoid foods like: 
  • saturated oils, 
  • Butter, 
  • bacon, 
  • milk chocolate, 
  • fried foods, 
  • most meats (I am a vegeatarian anyway) 
  • anything made of or including creams, 
  • whole milk, 
  • donuts & pastries  
  • cheddar cheese. 

Funny thing is that I rarely eat foods from this list of “bad” list and most everything but meats from the long good list of foods. (What is going on?)

I have been checking the labels of the foods I regularly eat and I do have a very low cholesterol diet.
But, then there is this one little thing on the handout too that I saw having to do with exercise.
It says at LEAST 30 minutes of vigorous exercise at LEAST 5 times a week.

Since my knee surgery last April I have been unable to exercise any day of the week. 
(Insert Sad Face here)
Amazingly, working out is the one true passion I have that makes me feel invincible. . .
sadly, I can not use my knee and am in chronic, daily pain. (UGH)


I also found out that high cholesterol runs in my family big time. This is a serious factor to consider when learning about and treating this problem. Genetics brings in another element so if/when I find a way to exercise regularly while eating right and my levels are still too high, I will most likely choose to go on a medication that will control my body in this aspect.

Until then I am going to make a doctor’s appointment to get my knee looked at again by a specialist and learn if there is ANY solution for me to have the ability to work out.

I will search the web for holistic alternatives to help lower my cholesterol. 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse