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Hi, I’m Jenny and this is my late husband Paul. My husband passed away in the early Covid-19 era before successful treatment plans and vaccines. Paul was an environmental engineer with a successful career. He was the life of the party and led a meaningful life. Paul left behind many people who miss him dearly and reflect often on the ways he left a mark on their lives. Paul is missed and loved every day.

In 2014 I donated a kidney to Paul and you can read about it here on the blog.

Our kids are grown so we saw a lot when it came to relationships and parenting. Paul and I worked out together because fitness and health was a priority for us. My happiest and most loved part of my life has been parenting my three children who are undeniably wonderful. I have also loved crafts of all kinds and various art projects here and there. I love dogs too much and I love plants too. This blog draws on my life experiences and passions and I know you will find all kinds of things here to enrich your own life.

I have an undergrad degree in business and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and experience as a child educator and Social Media Marketing Manager. At this time I am working as a Parent Coach in the Juvenile Courts in Arizona with children ages 0 – 5 and it is incredibly rewarding.

Enjoy your time on my blog!

e-mail:  dapperhouse@gmail.com


  1. claudia

    new fan and follower 🙂

  2. Cindy

    Thank you for sharing information about Taking the Pledge to live a No Barriers life and for your support of Kayaking Blind and our No Barriers founder, Erik Weihenmayer! For people who want to learn more about The Pledge and about No Barriers please visit us at http://www.nobarriersusa.org

  3. Arlene Smith

    I like to print some of your free adult coloring books pages. i don’t understand how to print them. The free pictures. Thank you, Ms Arlene

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