Even in this day and age of selfies taken with cameras built into our phones, people still love to be photographed! If you are planning a special event like a big birthday party, a graduation celebration, or a holiday bash, you want to make sure you get plenty of great photos to commemorate the day with! Hiring a professional photographer is always going to be a tradition for really important occasions like weddings, you want to be absolutely sure you have those memories on film to treasure, but there is another fun, and frankly less expensive, option to consider- hiring a photo booth for your event!

Hiring a photo booth is a fantastic way to make your celebration something special! It’s easy to find a Sydney-based photo booth provider who can bring all the necessary gear to your event, set it up, and get the fun of photos started! The following are just some of the great reasons to have a photo booth at your next big celebration!

  • Bring People Together – Getting people who don’t know each other to mingle at a big party is always a challenge for a busy host and hostess. All you have to do is grab an old pal from your school days and a friend from work and get between them for a photo in the photo booth! It’s a fabulous way to break the ice and start new friendships up! Pretty soon every guest will want a keepsake shot with every other guest there, and your party will be a huge success they will never forget- after all, they have the photographic evidence to prove it!
  • Capture All The Fun – Once the party gets started you will find people lining up at the photo booth to have their memories recorded for posterity. People love to be in group shots and make a point of mugging for the camera! Suggest that everyone take a photo where they all make a funny face, then enjoy the laughter as they compete to be the goofiest-looking guest! Be sure to store your funny booth photos carefully though, lest one day your children find them and use them to blackmail you by promising to post them on your social media page if you don’t get them a new puppy!
  • Provide Some Props – Stop by your local party supply to pick up some fun funny hats and silly props for your guests to create wild and whacky pictures with! How about giving them a stuffed parrot toy and passing out pirate hats and eyepatches- “Everybody say ARRGGHHHH!” Or, let everyone yuck it up with silly press on round clown noses and frizzy clown wigs in wild colours, it will be more fun than Barnum & Bailey’s Ringling Bros. Circus, and you will be the happy ringmaster of the greatest party ever!

Australians love their parties, and there are plenty of celebrations all year long for you to mark! Make sure everybody remembers yours by giving them the gift of a photo booth memory to treasure! Smile!