*This is not a sponsored post. I received no compensation for this post. My ideas are my own.   This year my youngest son knows THE Santa Secret. He has been asking me for the truth for a year (or two) but I have managed to hold him off. I didn’t want to ruin the magic for him but he finally told me to “give it up”.  Now I have no little ones left in the house who believe. As a mom of adult and older children I like the challenge to find  new and exciting ways to create that holiday magic! This year instead of the old traditional chocolate-a-day Advent Calendar, I am making each of the kids an individualized Advent Calendar! I found so many amazing and fun ideas on pinterest, blogs and other social media. I have about fifty that I want to make, but doing these for three older children will be really pricey, so I am doing one on a budget (of course).

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The first thing I did was decide that instead of spending a day folding expensive papers, I would use paper lunch sacks. Then I designed some masculine looking labels (one of for each day until Christmas) to put on the bags.

You can get these for yourself from my printable advent tags!

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I went to the dollar store and a few other stores to get 25 items.

#advent #calendar #printable #free #December gifts and fillers @dapperhouse

Ideas for Tween Boys Advent Gifts:

  • Flavored Chapstick
  • lego mini packs
  • New toothbrush
  • Hot Cocoa Packs with Individually Wrapped Cookies
  • Sports Cards Packs
  • Seasonal Candies
  • Packs of Mystery Lego Characters
  • DIY Tea Mug
  • Flavored Tea Bags
  • Book light & Magazine
  • Various Gift Cards
  • School Supplies
  • Hand Warmers
  • Shower Gel
  • Laser Pointer
  • Cozy Slipper Socks

#advent #calendar #printable #free #December collage treats gifts

I filled the bags and sealed them with a stapler and the tags! (no peeking)

#advent #calendar #printable #free #December #DIY gift a day

Lastly, I played around with some ideas of how to present the bags.

I could:

  • hide them and leave one out every morning
  • hide them and bring one out every night
  • hang them like a banner from string and he can pluck one each day
  • arrange them creatively on a shelf or table top
  • hang them with clothespins from an over sized, wire lined frame

Ultimately I decided that it would work best for us to keep them on top of a dresser in my room and he can come in and get one at the end of each day but not mess around with them over the course of a month.

Have FUN Making your boy an advent calendar for December!