Hundreds of thousands of people across the US are suffering from acute pain in their backs on a daily basis. Millions more are prone to back pain that can disrupt their sleep and make their waking life more difficult. If you count yourself in one of these two groups – or if you feel you’re at risk of developing back pain in the future – this article lays out your strategy to deal with back pain once and for all. Read on to learn how to protect your back.

Medical Advice

Any strategy to improve your health should be run by your doctor. While there is some excellent information on the internet that can help you turn your life around and escape chronic pain, you should always check this information against the advice of a doctor who you trust. This trust – and the doctor’s intimate knowledge of you and your body and health requirements – will help you make an informed decision about the advice you’ve read online. This, in turn, will give you more confidence when you’re adjusting your lifestyle to advice you’ve sourced online.

Regular Exercise

There are some cases in which chronic back pain can invalidate exercise as a route to better health. In these cases, you should be careful about adopting any new routine that may cause more harm than good to your back. For sufferers of back pain for whom exercise does provide hope, this is one of the most tried-and-tested, not to mention free, ways to reduce pain in your back. Make sure to get advice online as to how to target your back and abdominal muscles in order to help them adjust your spine to a more accommodating position in the future. 

Posture and Frame

While some of those with minor back issues may not like to admit it, posture plays a large role in how we develop back pain over the course of their lives. Indeed, if you’re developing back pain for the first time, a simple change in how you sleep, how you sit, and how you relax can help you avoid this descending into a more serious problem. For those with a poor posture who feel unable to adapt, massage therapists and other physiotherapists can help you change your body shape in order to redistribute your weight on healthier parts of your skeleton and onto larger, healthier muscles.

Back Surgery 

Another option – and one that’s particularly relevant to those who cannot exercise to improve their backs – is to undergo surgery. There are multiple surgeries available to help with chronic back pain, and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all option. Nonetheless, for those suffering lower back pain, in particular, decompression surgery can help alleviate pain, forging a path to recovery that enables you to change your lifestyle for the better. New, enhanced medical methods are providing ever-more exciting routes out of chronic back pain for those who have run out of other options. 

There you have it: four tips to help you deal decisively with back pain in 2020 and beyond.