When we’re setting up a new business, we don’t always give as much thought to where we’re going to work as perhaps we should. The environment and all-around mood of the place will contribute to the overall success of our new venture. If we can work productively, then we’ll make strides forward; if we can’t, then we’ll have problems. Since you’ll be unlikely to have money in the budget to rent office space, you’ll be thinking about setting up a home office. While you might think any old chair and desk will do, this isn’t the case — you should strive to make your working space as zen, as relaxing, as possible. Below, we take a look at a few ways you can do this.

Limited Noise

We need to be able to focus when we’re trying to make our dreams come true. And that means as few distractions as possible. When it comes to your office, you’ll want to look at reducing the amount of external noise that filters through and potentially disrupts your concentration. To begin, think about the location of the room — if you have a choice, make it the one furthest away from the noise of the streets and the rest of the home. If noise is an issue, take a look at soundproofing the room — it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Light and Spacious

Just think about these two different types of room. One is dark and cluttered; the other is spacious and bright. Which do you think is more zen? It’s the latter of course. When it comes to your office decor, take a look at creating an airy and light environment. You can do this by choosing the correct color for the walls, and removing anything that doesn’t positively need to be in the room. 

Minimalist Tech

Use it correctly, and your technology will be a useful aid that pushes your company forward. However, sometimes, our tech can work against us. If it’s too complicated, it could stress us out — and that’s the opposite of zen. It will make working a chore. With all your technology, make sure it’s as simple and conducive to working well as possible. You can look at reducing the number of wires, for instance. You can get a wireless mouse and keyboard, and also learn how to connect AirPods to MacBook, so you don’t need to use wired headphones. You’ll have all the advantages of modern technology, without the annoying, cluttered feeling of having so many wires. 

Feeding the Senses

Does your office put you in a relaxed mood? If not, look at feeding the senses by incorporating incense and other pleasant aromas into the room. It’ll give your office a different feel to the rest of the home, and you’ll be ready to work. 

Joy on the Walls

Finally, make sure you take a look at adding some of those personal items, works of art, and other small items that inspire joy. Feeling zen is all about being content, so fill the room with items that make you feel content!