The very first months of parenthood can be pretty rough, especially for new mums. All you postpartum women out there are really fighting two battles: caring for your newborn as well as healing your own bodies. And although you’re willing to do anything and everything for your little one, you also need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself too. Here are a few small ways you can get out of the house and recalibrate as a new parent.

1. Stroll with your baby

One of the best forms of physical activity for new parents is taking your baby out for a stroll with a durable active stroller, like a Cybex pram or Eezy stroller. Active strollers are a great tool for getting yourself moving at your own pace, simply because they’re easy to handle at a variety of speeds and on all kinds of terrain, from asphalt to gravel pathways. Prams with 4-wheel suspension that come with an assortment of canopies for different weather conditions are also highly recommended, as they’ll be sure to keep your baby comfortable and in turn, keep your outings consistently positive. 

2. Go visiting with your baby

Speaking of keeping your outings positive, once you get comfortable jogging around the block, you’re going to want to expand your baby’s world a little more and take them to see their grandparents and other extended family members. Whilst this is a great step forward, you’ll need to keep in mind that packing your stroller for a thirty-minute walk is quite different from packing for your first longer outing. You’ll need to pack your nappy bag as thoroughly as possible to make sure that your baby won’t be uncomfortable away from home. Alongside this, it’s good to pack a few snacks and comfort items like toys and blankets just in case your baby gets at all overwhelmed by new faces, sounds or strange, new surroundings.

3. Join a mothers group

It’s recommended that new parents maintain a social calendar just to make sure that they can take a break from the responsibilities that come with young parenthood every now and again. But you don’t always need a babysitter to allow yourself to be social. Mothers groups can be a fantastic tool for young parents, not just because it provides young mothers with an environment where they can learn from one another, but also because it’s a space where young parents can feel free to discuss anything and everything related to their shared experiences.


Any veteran parent can tell you that the one of the most jarring elements of socializing as a young parent is simply the fact that a lot of the time you may feel like you’re talking about your baby a lot. Whilst this is perfectly natural, it may lead to young parents feeling self-conscious around their other friends, or like they can’t express themselves freely out of fear that they’ve gone ‘baby crazy’. Mothers groups let young mothers be themselves during a period of time where they may struggle to be just that. And that’s what makes these little groups such a surprisingly valuable tool for young families.

4. Take weekend trips

Finally, it’s important that you start thinking of enriching activities that you can do to promote family bonding. Once your baby is around six months old, it might be a good idea to take your outings to the next level and plan some fun weekend trips. All you need to do is pick a local destination, load up the car, and spend a night or two in a beautiful place where you’ll be sure to make some lovely little memories. Do fun and easy activities like strawberry-picking, hiking, or visiting local tourist attractions. Not only will these nice little respites be good for mum and dad, but they’ll also be a great opportunity for your baby to experience the wider world and all that it has to offer.

So young parents, take note! If you follow these tips and continue to give yourselves the self-care that you deserve, you’ll be well on your way to becoming active parents who will surely pass on some healthy living habits to their little bubs too!