Every Hollywood star has its unique work instruments and for most of them, their face and image is not only an essential one but one that also requires constant care. There is no doubt that us, the average Joes and Janes, want to feel like them, so we constantly follow their recommendations, like products, skincare routines, and even what to eat. But, to be always in perfect shape, they also required the perfect tools. I dare you to tell me one single Hollywood actor/actress that doesn’t own a vanity mirror, mainly because those amazing skins require the best mirrors. That’s why I’m here to introduce you to the world of vanity mirrors and why should you get yourself one, as soon as possible. 

Say No to Artificial Light 

It’s not easy to get that ideal natural lighting while doing your makeup, or shaving, or just cleansing your skin, but vanity mirrors changed the game. Those light bulbs around the mirror are not only for decoration aesthetics, but they bring a more natural view of what you are doing and how you will look under sunlight. Fun fact, mirrors with these bulbs are called “Hollywood mirrors” – it all makes sense now, right? The real reason is that all the dressing rooms in theaters or movie sets have at least one. Who wouldn’t feel like a real movie star with these? Anyways, vanity mirrors will always bring more natural light, and nowadays, most bulbs are LEDs so they also end up being more Eco-friendlier. There is a large variety of vanity mirrors on the market, so be sure to take a look at Mirrorank for the best ones.

Ready? Set. Light!

Besides the natural lighting effect, there are a few more advantages to vanity mirrors’ lights. If you have one of these in your bedroom, the days of waking up your partner with harsh lights are over. Imagine getting ready early in the morning while your soul mate or your kid is still asleep – how do you do that without disturbing them? Vanity mirrors. Their lights around the mirror are bright and clear enough for you to prepare yourself in the best possible way without disturbing anyone else. Actually, that’s where their other great advantage comes in, as these mirrors, mostly, have lighting features that allow you to control the brightness of the lights, offering you the option to change their dimness according to what kind of light you will be facing, resulting in a perfect tool for doing makeup. 

Aesthetic and Cozy 

In general, lighting messes a lot with the coziness and vibe of a room, and at home, you just want to feel relaxed. But now you’re thinking – these vanity mirrors are filled with lights, so how should you feel cozy? That’s the beauty of this product, as you can change the lights to any mode you want, by dimming them or putting on max brightness. You can also choose their colors and create the ambiance you’ve always wanted. It also helps, once more, with the actual purpose of the mirror, because when you’re feeling relaxed and cozy, doing your routine, or makeup will be easier than ever. Besides the main function of this amazing piece, it can also be a decoration treasure, as it definitely makes any table look incredible and luxurious. Functional and gorgeous. Not to mention, ideal for that perfect selfie! 

In Reflection

Everyone, especially us ladies, needs one of these, there’s no doubt in that. Make your room feel like a true dressing room, where you are the star. Not only it has a lot of benefits and definitely something you won’t regret getting, but there is a big range of prices to choose from, according to your budget. Thank you for reading and stay beautiful!