If you have been following my story, you know that I finally earned my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education this past May. I spent the summer sending out my resume to the entire state of Illinois, but despite my efforts I did not get hired. I did not even get an interview. As a result I began to apply for jobs in other markets that could still suit my education and background. Because I had experience doing in home childcare for over 10 years prior to 2011 I began applying to child care centers. Imagine my surprise and ecstatic jubilation when I got an interview from a private Academy for Early Learning! I got the job and can not believe how things worked out. After all that waiting and worry about unemployment I get to spend my days with little people. Watching them love learning and excite themselves with their own discoveries. Giving them opportunities and experiences to feel secure about themselves and  the world they live in. I am so happy!

During grad school I had been working so hard at life;  parenting my children, earning an income, being a wife, maintaining the house, and more. Throw in a major knee surgery, and a handful of other kinks, it all began to wear me down. Not being able to exercise took a big toll on my personal well being both physically and mentally. Then, after four months of no job prospects and towers of bills, I felt as if I was eroding away.

There were so many job listing for Early Childhood that I began to apply. In Illinois it is required to have a degree in Early Childhood in order to work in any child care center so I was hoping to get a kindergarten position. Then last week I got an interview at a wonderful Academy for Early Learners (Infants, Toddlers, Pre-schoolers and kindergartners). The school is extraordinary in their philosophies and teaching. I loved the people I met there, and I really felt at ease (and so excited) to be back with the little ones. I GOT THE JOB!! I was hired as a substitute, not full time, but I am so blessed! After a fantastic interview with the school’s director she asked me why did I not get my degree in Early childhood education when I am seemingly most suited for it. The truth is I love children of all ages and feel like I belong in the role of an educator. Maybe I should go get an early elementary education degree as well, then I will always be able to find a job!