If you’re hosting a party, you want everyone to have an enjoyable time. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, graduation or promotion, a party should be an uplifting event where enjoying yourself is a top priority. If you want to ensure your party is memorable for all the right reasons, here are five tips for how to bring the fun to your celebration.


Games are an ideal way to get everyone mixing, and they especially appeal to anyone with a competitive streak! You could host a pub-style quiz with your most flamboyant friend as compere or opt for a more athletic choice with lawn games such as quoits or croquet. Games are also a fabulous addition to a party if you have mixed age groups as everyone from children to grandparents can get involved.


Make a statement with your decorations and really wow your guests. Balloons, bunting, streamers and confetti are favourites at parties but you can go wild with a theme – get everyone talking with flamingo decorations or go back to your childhood with classic paper plates and napkins boasting old-school heroes like Spiderman or The Hulk. 

Photo Moments

Photographs are a wonderful way to remember a party which is why an event photo booth is such a popular addition to any celebration. A luxury photo booth is ideal for weddings and proms, giving guests a lasting memento of the day, and original options such as an interactive magic mirror photo booth can provide instant pictures to get everyone talking. Hiring a mirror photo booth from a company such as fancypantsevents.co.uk is an easy option as the company will take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy the occasion!


Everyone loves a good singalong which is why karaoke parties never go out of fashion. If you mix with a crowd who participate in amateur dramatics – fabulous! Free entertainment! And if you know tone-deaf Uncle Mick is going to hog the mic all night, that can be hilarious too. Try to encourage a mixture of people to get up and sing – not only will that ensure more people get to be involved in the party, but it’ll probably also give a wider variety of songs. Your sixteen-year-old sister is more likely to be singing the latest chart hits than your great nan who only ever listens to Cliff Richard.


If you are worried your guests will get bored, why not hire an entertainer? Bands are an obvious choice and can encourage your friends and family to hit the dance floor but there are all kinds of performers that can help your party go with a bang. From magicians to burlesque performers, contortionists to a string quartet, there really is something for every type of celebration – you just need to look for it!

The most important thing to remember is that if you are having fun, your guests will probably be having fun too. Smiles and laughter are infectious so enjoy the time with your loved ones making memories to last a lifetime.