We love our gadgets.  We love how they make our lives easier, faster, better and cooler.  We use gadgets for work, for play and everything in between and we can’t get enough of them and as technology continues it’s seeminly unstoppable rise, they’re getting even more interesting. We’ve taken a look at just a few of the latest and best for this year, so far.


In the age of nanny-cams, doggy-cams and an increased awareness around home security, it was only going to be a matter of time before this nifty little gadget came along.  Moorebot has created this little robot that navigates around your home and “surveys” the area and reports back to you, while there other products can even be voice controlled and used around the house to help out with things like music and movies. According to their website, “Scout is the world-first autonomous home robot for intelligent monitoring. Equipped with many advanced sensors and AI algorithms, Scout is an ideal assistant for home monitoring with no blind spot. Its capabilities include object recognition, voice control via Amazon Alexa, and monocular SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)”


This is an area that is evolving quickly and in fantastic ways and as gaming gains ever more credibility as a “sport”, eager would be participants are demanding more from virtual and immersive experiences.  Ergonomically designed and manufactured with super comfortable padding, the chairs help ensure better posture while you’re gaming and this leads to better overall performance. For more, click here.


This will change your life and make it better.  There we said it.  Working with bluetooth and made from recyclable materials, this fits onto the top of your showerhead and you’re never going to want to leave the shower because of it.  Think all about long morning showers with “mood music”, your favorite morning meditations or streaming your most loved tunes.  In the quest to create a better standard of living and base more of our “living” on ongoing experiences, this little gadget is fantastic.


There are different types and models available for different things, but this particular version by Satechi is super cool.  It has capacity for 5 devices including your laptop and mobile devices and can talk about how cool it looks?


There are drones and then there’s drones.  This is the latter, if you’re going to get serious about your droning, then this guy is going to get you to the next level.  This drone has advanced imaging, outstanding manouverability and it looks sensational. But just in case, for when your flight path doesn’t quite work out the way you want it to, https://www.drdrone.ca/pages/repairs.


Now this is how you’re going to achieve the top tier of the “coolness” stakes.  It hasn’t technically been released yet but they promise that it’s going to have a 55” screen and be able to settle at 40% transparency, even while you’re watching something.  It’s sleek and unbelievably sexy and according to LG they “imagine it at the foot of a bed where it can be raised and lowered in full or partially”.  The best part, it’s probably only going to cost around $80 000.


In the world of gadgets that are not life or death neccessary but that you still absolutely must have, this is one of those.  Your pet has a wearable device (lightweight and easily forgotten that it’s even there), that communicates with your pet door when it senses that your pet wants to come in or go out.  It can be configured to either work automatically or it can also send a message to the app on your phone and you can control it manually.  It’s safe, secure and totally worth it.


Whether you can be convinced that this phone is the best phone in terms of what it can do or not, is entirely up to you but we’re pretty sure that when you see how cool it is, you’re not going to worry all that much about it. It folds into pockets and purses and won’t break the silhouette on the skinniest of jeans.

But on the front of the “other stuff” it performs pretty decently too.  It’s particularly cool for placing in areas around you when you want to record videos.


This range of lightweight and crazy powerful speakers by Sony is going to amp up your home cinema experience.  The sound quality is subliminal and you can place your speakers at strategic locations all over your living room, bedroom or home theater.  They look great and you can place them wherever you’re going to get the best performance.


Another innovation from Sony, this device is going to give your ears a much needed break from in-ear listening systems.  This device “fires a sound beam” to your ears for crisp and clear quality.  It also has a built in microphone so you can answer and make calls and it’s fully Bluetooth integrated so will work with just about all of your devices.


Now here is where you begin to change your home theater from just a cool room in the house, to a destination “event” that your friends will get seriously green over.  Dazzling sound quality and amazing production value means that you could be shook to the core while watching a horror movie and feel every hair on your body stand up straight when the music plays in an epic Morricone scored movie.  Of the many lessons we’ve all learned this past year, we’ve all realized how important spending more time with family is and this is such a fabulously cool way to do it.


Hands down one of the best uses of technology you’re ever  going to find.  This groundbreaking device is fitted with a camera and a two way speaker system so that you can keep in touch with your beloved pooch while you’re at work or away and it stores up to 100 little treats that you can dispatch remotely. 

 It has a “bark alert” which sends a message to your app if your puppy is upset or scared and you can monitor what your pet is up to with the camera feature.


As far as new inventions in sound go, this is right at the top. It is a triphonic speaker that has 3 speakers inside it that builds sound more “accurately”. The quality is fantastic and it looks super easy on the eye. It’s not cheap, but hey, #YOLO.

The world of technology is changing so fast that when one gadget is released it’s competition has already made it virtually obsolete, so it’s a tough game of cat and mouse trying to keep up. We love devices that give us futuristic capability and bring a little more realism to the movies we used to watch this side of 2 decades ago where every scene would end with: “can you just imagine?”.  There are growing issues about how all of this tech is going to affect us in the future but there is no way of knowing the answer to that question just yet.  It’s not just our teens that are getting in on the action either, even us ancient “Millenails” are finding new and exciting ways to incorporate techie gadgets into our lives.

Main Image Credit By Eren Li