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Our mission is to help you use your resources to be the best that you can be. Even if you are lucky enough to have a job that provides you with money to spare each month for savings and retirement, you still want to save money by getting the best deals, correct? I use coupon codes and deals 99% of the time. I rarely purchase anything (aside from groceries and meals at favorite places) without a discount. I get so tired of wasting my time on codes that don’t work or offers that have expired. I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with that so I use Dealspotr.


It is so much more reliable and it is faster so perfect! But WAIT! It also pays you to share deals! (WHAT?!?)  This is really resonating with people which is why we’ve grown so quickly to over 30,000 active contributors who have saved shoppers over $15MM in less than a year. It is the easiest & fastest way to save money and earn money too. Of course you want to share deals and get cash!

Dealspotr is a social sharing community where we all pitch in to provide deals to each other and any one who accesses Dealspotr. If you want to sign up now I can let you use my personal promo code that will give you $5.00 when when you join, complete your new user checklist and post your first valid deal. You can click here to sign up and use the code:  JENNYATDAPPERHO– USE 


It is SO annoying and a waste of time when I search for deals and try to use them only to find out they don’t work! At Dealspotr your ability to post deals is determined by your Accuracy Score. Your Accuracy Score can go up or down based on the accuracy of the information you provide so people are not posting junk. These are real deals that work! You must have demonstrable proof that your deal works as you describe. Dealspotr places heavy emphasis on eliminating deals that don’t work.why-you-should-save-and-earn-with-dealspotr-jenny-at-dapperhouse-blog

Look at the cool and good deals that are posted now! Real deal I use from Brands and Stores that I shop regularly. On Dealspotr you can check deals by TONS of categories to narrow down your searches and find exactly what you want.

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