So through a great company I work with called bzzagent, I was able to score some of Benjamin Moore’s Paint called Aura. As many of you know, I paint a lot (just recently repainted my kitchen and my all season’s room)  and I do furniture re-purposing part time. So, I know first hand that only the highest quality paint is worth working with for coverage, durability, color quality and washability. You also know that the environment is a huge concern of mine and an integral part of my lifestyle. This is why I choose to use the Aura line of Paint. When it was released to the public market in 2006 with the trademarked Gennex colorant system it revolutionized the industry with it’s low VOC’s and Low Odor. It is also incredibly fresh looking and durable over time. This is important to me because there are times when you can wash the dirty walls and other times when they require touch up paint. I can re-paint a small section of wall if it gets worked on or  stained and you can not tell where the old paint ends and the new paint was applied.

Now to pick a color!
I got a deck of color cards to help me decide but that makes it even more difficult to settle on one color when there are so many options.

I love these Benjamin Moore Aurora Affinnity Color Choices
because they are such
sophisticated, stylish and updated !!

To get the scoop on the hideous basement as it looks now 
see the first post with pictures!

I know I need a light color because of the dark paneling, and I want to go with soothing…but lively enough to revive our spirits! Here are some of the color samples up against the newly painted kitchen.

As a family, we really like the blue-grey since the rest of the house is shades of buttery yellow (except for the newly painted sun room which I did in light green). So I am thinking that maybe I would like to stay within these blue shades. Soothing, light and would remind me of a bright blue sky in the summer time! YAY!

I am thinking of one of these three . . .

From top to bottom;  serenata  –  exhale  –  crystalline

Do you agree with my decision or do you have a different idea for me?
Let me know in the comments dapper friends. What do you suggest?