Did you know that one of my secret passions is restoring and refurbishing antique furniture? At one time it was a full time job that gave me a creative outlet and the satisfaction of a job well done. There used to be an antique boutique in the small town of Glen Ellyn where I sold my pieces and did contract work for nearby residents. It is still something that I would love to do if I had the time.

This is an antique desk I did in Chalk Paint to sell in the boutique.
I have been doing many desk lately, but this one I see in a different light.
I see this less as a usable desk, but more as a decorative piece of furniture
in a main room, foyer or hallway with decor on and around it.


I mixed my own chalk paint for this one using a yellow base of
Annie Sloan Versailles and brought it to a True Vintage Green.
Not blue-ish, not turquoise green, but very muted, vintage green.
Here everything has the first coat and is drying. . .


Then I hand distressed the wood with various tools, but this one I
took care with a razor blade to create lines at the edges for authenticity.
I filled the lines and other distress with dark stain and let it dry.
Then gave the whole desk a dark stain, coated it with a clear wax polish and let it cure for a week.
It is ready to go into the shop!



This piece is one of my favorites because it is my favorite color
and also because I love the wood panels.
I wish I could keep every piece!