My youngest son has ALWAYS waited until the last minute to decide what he wants to be for Halloween. Last year he even changed costumes in the middle of trick or treating!!! One minute he is the Grim Reaper with a black robe, gross gloves and sickle and the next he is a Rap Star with his pants pulled down to show his boxers, an over sized chain and a baseball cap worn to the side. WHAT?!?!?  This year I let him look in the newspaper advertisements, the costume stores and the mail catalogs but he was not committing. He was certain that he wanted to be something very scary, but couldn’t seem to find anything that really struck him as “scary enough”. When I got the opportunity to review the Online Store Costume SuperCenter at the very last minute I was Excited and relieved! I told my son to look at the site to see if he could find the perfect costume for the occasion; a very scary Halloween!!! 
My little guy searched in the costumes and because it is so close to the date, a lot was out of stock. But this did not stop him because there is such a huge selection on the site there was still plenty to choose from. He wandered from the boys costumes over the the accessories, then clicked over to the home and yard decor. He found a pair of zombie hands coming out of the ground that he thought were so spooky that he added them to the cart. “For the yard” he said a bit deviously, nodding his head at me. (I told him we cant do too scary because we don’t want to frighten little children who pass by, but this is not too bad so I let him keep the zombie hands.) 
Then he found a mask that was so scary he jumped out of his seat and yelled “Oh yeah! Check THIS out! This is it! THIS is the one!!!”  
Oh boy. It is super scary for sure. 
I left him to his shopping and came back when I heard more excited screaming. 
This is the costume he found to go with his mask. 
My son is SO EXCITED that he found exactly what he wanted (even when he wasn’t exactly sure what he was looking for) and I am excited because their prices are comparably low, their company is trustworthy and risk free, and their delivery time is FAST with many options to choose from. Like right now their 2 day delivery is only $5.99! 
If you are looking for something in particular or just looking for the “perfect” costume that you havent seen yet, go to the and find it now! And they have a HUGE CLEARANCE Section!!
You HAVE to go see the baby costumes just for something FUN to do! 
*I was compensated by costume super center to give a personal review of their site. I love their site and will absolutely shop them whenever we need costumes and accessories for any occasion. 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse