Back pain is one of the most common complaints in adults. Whether it is straining muscles from overuse or common issues related to aging or obesity, back pain is a prevalent medical issue for a high majority of people. Many cases of back injuries are caused in an instant when a person bends and lifts a heavy object in an improper way. Another cause is twisting the back by moving too far in one direction from the waist rather than moving the feet. There are of course, many causes of back pain, but luckily there are many ways to treat the pain as well. 

Some people complain of having a nagging pain when they are working out while others are full blown incapacitated from the pain unable to do simple household chores or even get out of bed. No matter what the threshold of pain, it is best to see a doctor so that you can identify what the cause is for the source of your pain. Whether you felt it come on from an injury or it just came on out of the blue, you need to get a diagnosis to know if it is strained muscles, pinched nerves, a skeletal issue or something else. Knowing this will help you design a treatment plan. 

 Here are a few things that are common culprits responsible for causing pain: 

  • Bulging or slipped disc
  • Pinched nerve 
  • Muscle or ligament strain
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sciatica

Relieving back pain can not often be cured from one solution alone. It takes a variety of treatments to create a program that will work for each individual. Medications, exercises, knowledge and a comfortable bed and office chair are all things to consider. 

Tips and Tricks to relieve back pain:

  • Don’t sit for long periods of time. Get up and walk around. 
  • Do exercises to strengthen your core on a regular basis.
  • Be mindful of the way you lift, bend and move, especially when lifting things that weigh more than a few pounds. 
  • If your doctor prescribes medications, use them as directed to ease the discomfort.
  • Invest in devices and other things for where you spend most of your time, for example an ergonomical office chair where you sit all day  and a quality mattress where you sleep at night. 

A mattress can be one if the most important things to invest in for people suffering from back pain. Often times back pain is directly caused from sleeping on an old mattress that does not provide enough support so investing in a good mattress is a way to prevent injury as well.  You should consider these mattresses if you have serious back problems

Once you do get a good mattress, consider these sleeping positions to help alleviate back pain. 

  • If you sleep on your side use a pillow supporting your head and neck and another pillow between your legs or knees. 
  •  If you sleep on your stomach, place a pillow under your stomach and possibly your hips to relieve strain on the disks and spine. 
  • If you sleep on your back place a pillow under your knees to help create the natural arch in your spine. 

With back pain being one of the most commonly reported issues in adults it is important to be educated on everything from prevention to treatment. 
Lifting with proper technique, sleeping on a medium-firm to firm mattress and not sitting for long periods of time are the best ways to avoid becoming injured in the first place. If you are suffering from back pain that is debilitating go to the doctor right away. If you have been feeling pain or discomfort for more than a few weeks, make an appointment as soon as you can. Find out the source of the the pain and from there you will know what tips and tricks will work for you.