The Clear Rayz System is safe and effective in destroying and preventing acne. It also works to heal skin, remove redness and reduce inflammation. No bad side effects. No lotions creams or pills. Just Light Therapy. It is approved for all skin types, all skin tones and works for all ages (teens to adults). It is a medical grade light unit that has been approved for safe at home use. It is not another miracle promise, but a scientifically proven solution in the fight to treat acne.

Was I skeptical about trying this product?
No, I really wasn’t because a bit of natural sunlight has personally worked to
have positive results on my acne. The problem with the sun is that
(regardless of the cancer risks) when the sun causes me to sweat and produce
oil that causes acne, it defeats the purpose of the sunlight.
The sun also causes premature aging, pigmentation issues (which I have) and other problems.
I was really hoping that it would work, and I thought that it probably would.

How did I use it?
I used it as directed over a 3 week time period.
It has a nice warm sensation that I used in a small area 3 minutes at a time.
I like that the cord is really long (6 feet) so I could actually lie down on my bed to use it.
I like that it takes a bit of time because I told the kids that I cannot be bothered
during this time which created a daily dose of “me” time set aside just for resting and
clearing my head and clearing my face.

I used the blue light to destroy acne bacteria on and underneath the skin.
I used it on a particular spot when I when I felt a zit coming on!

I used the RED light to stimulate blood flow to my skin and heal the redness and scarring.

I did get some dryness (which  is a better change from oily skin)
and I was really excited because it was more confirmation that
the Clear Rayz was working.
For the dryness, I stopped using my acne cream and
lotions, switched to using an organic moisturizer and
I just skipped using the lights some days.

So. Did it work?
I did see an improvement in my skin.
The before and after pictures are in different lighting, but no make up on either one!


I will tell you that it is really worth trying and using and most important is to keep it as an integral part of your personal hygiene & health routine…
don’t decide after your face looks great to stop using it all together.
Acne is stubborn and you have to keep up with it – like hair cuts and toenail trimming…it is important!


(You can see a little dry patch on my cheek by my earlobe – not a zit!)

Any other suggestions?

  • Do NOT Look at the lights or your eyes will suffer. . . common sense folks.
  • Give it a try because it is worth the time and money in the long run to have clear skin.
  • Use it on shoulders, back, chest…wherever you want to kill the acne bacteria.
  • Each time I use it I wipe the whole thing with an alcohol wipe to kill germs on the unit, and I store the System in the bag and in the original box to keep it from getting scratched or damaged.
Anything Else?

Now that I have found the cure for pimples, I am waiting for them to develop an
equally amazing hand held light unit that destroys cellulite and wrinkles 🙂

CLEAR RAYZ is available on their website 
with much more information on the product, 
its benefits, and other info like acne myths.  
It can be purchased in 4 easy payments 
and has guaranteed FREE UPS shipping. 

* I was given a Clear Rayz Unit to use for this review. My opinions of the product are truthful. I was not persuaded by any source to give a positive review. My results are my own and I hope that it works as well for you!!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse