My Mother-In-Law came in to visit from out of town on Thanksgiving. While here she took my boys out shopping on Black Friday. She wanted to buy and wrap our Christmas presents while she was here instead of ship them across the US a week later. (smart idea) The boys are older and harder to shop for, so she let them pick out  what they want instead of taking a chance and making us stand in after Christmas Return Lines. (Thank you Nonna) My teen son picked out Jordan Shoes; Men’s Jordan Flight SC 1 to be exact. He has a serious love of shoes and would have 100 pair if he could afford it, so he was REALLY wanting those shoes BAD!! 

So bad in fact that when my mother-in-law went to wrap the gifts later that night, she found that he had taken the new shoes out and replaced them by putting old ones in the box. (What The HECK!!!) My husband, my mother in law and I were really upset that he (was dishonest) had taken the shoes and worn them out that night so I hatched an equally devious  plan. When he did return home I made him give back the shoes so that his Nonna could wrap them up. Then I told Nonna to take them with her back to Arizona. 
I got the old shoes, put them back in the box and had her wrap them up as if they were the new ones. I was thinking that on Christmas morning the joke would be on him and we would tell him to learn a lesson about lying/stealing/being rude/what have you. 

It turns out that the surprise worked even better than planned!!! 
We put our tree up last night and put the wrapped gifts underneath. My teenager OPENED HIS GIFT EARLY because he wanted to wear the shoes! He was going to put the old ones in the box and wrap it back up so that we would be none the wiser. (What a brat!) 

But when he ever so carefully opened undid the gift wrap, gingerly slid the box out and opened it up. . . he found his old shoes inside! 

Lesson Learned.
He admits that the joke is on him. 

Do YOU have a sneaky story about finding out a secret or a gift? Please share it in the comment section 🙂

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse