Mix and Match One-of-a-Kind Hand Painted Banner 82 piece Set

Banners can be mixed and matched and easily made into more than one set to

accommodate your space and needs.


18 double sided scrapbook paper banners designs – some with glitter

              2 ½ across the top and 6 1/2 in. long

8 heavy, hand painted banners: one side black with thin decorative stripe,
           the other side is painted vintage green    2 ½ across top  x  6 ¾ in. long

8 heavy, hand painted banners: one side black with wide decorative band, 2 ½ x  7 in

 the other side is painted a vintage pinkish brown with decorative paper and black stripe.

11 large, heavy banners hand painted, decorative paper and hand painted paper circles for customization with name or words     7  inches across top and  9  inches long  painted black back

( I included an extra in case you make a mistake while customizing with ink or stickers)


8 heavy circles, green and brown plaid with black boarder. Can attach with glue or clothespin
10 pre-tied black bows (can be glued or pinned on)
19 painted, large clothespins. One side in vintage green the other in vintage pink.

These were made with an intentional artistic and aged quality. Not perfection.

You get everything listed and shown on photos

Use clips, glue or staples where appropriate to hang on string, ribbon, lights, and more.

These are not for sale anywhere but etsy.

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse