I sat down this morning to watch iCarly with my 10 year old son this morning. WeLOVE the  iCarly show and have watched it for many years now. My son and I were SO Excited that Pawn Stars were making a guest appearance on this new episode that originally aired yesterday on November 4th. The episode is called “iLost My Head in Vegas” aka  “iPawn Stars” and is the 5th episode on season 12. The novelty was cool and the acting was really fun and then suddenly it took a really bad turn. I am appalled and angry that this script was obviously written, discussed, approved and shot on the set without anyone ever deciding that this was a BAD Idea. Publicly confirming that taking sexual advantage of a mentally impaired person is not humorous, in poor taste and reckless. Shame on you iCarly. Shame on you Nickelodeon.

Here is how it went down.
The “classic dumb character” on the show named Gibby was talking to Chumly, a worker who buys items from customers at the Pawn shop.
After talking for a bit, Chumly asks Gibby if something is wrong with Gibby’s brain.
Gibby replies yes.
Chumly then mentions that the jeans Gibby has on may be vintage and worth something.
Gibby is excited that he may be able to make some money.
Chumly exploits Gibby and lures him into a back room to “check to see if they are worth anything”.
Later Gibby returns from the room alone and is wearing only underwear.
When asked about his pants, Gibby says that they were vintage and produces a lollipop that he says was his part of his payment for the jeans.
(Are you Freaking out yet?!?!?)
Then later in the show Chumly asks Gibby if he would like to have some pants to wear and again
lures him into the back office. After they return from the room Chumly tricks Gibby into spinning around while he looks at him in the pants.
(Sick to my stomach)

Direct Implications of taking sexual advantage of a mentally slow person is just WRONG period.
How did this happen?

Am I the one with a dirty mind and no sense of humor here?
Common Sense, Empathy and Morality should tell the adults responsible for this
that the content is sad, reckless, demeaning and extremely inappropriate.

Shame on you iCarly and Nickelodeon.

What are your thoughts?

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse