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This is one of the coolest crafts because it spans across age groups and skill levels so that the whole family can enjoy doing this together.  It is not frustrating and simple to do. This is a perfect DIY project to do on a family craft night (after you have spray painted the items). It is also a perfect way to spend qulity time with your child in 30 minutes or less.  Super simple, very creative and a whole lot of CUTENESS!

Washi tape Easy DIY Unicorn Craft - jenny at dapperhouse


Things that you could use to decorate:

  • trophies
  • action figures
  • figurines
  • recyclable cups or boxes
  • any old toy
  • baseball, hockey puck. . .

If you don’t have something lying around the house, head up to the second hand store and find something fun.

You will need:

  • an item to decorate
  • white spray paint
  • washi tape

How to make this CUTE unicorn DIY washi tape craft - jenny at dapperhouse


Take your item and spray paint it white (If it is not already) This is because the washi tape is translucent so you want the washi tape to show up crisp and colorful!

In process apply washi tape DIY easy kids craft - jenny at dapperhouse #washitape #diy

Once your item is dry you are ready to cover it with washi tape. You can do all sorts of designs or simply add bits of tape for a colorful confetti effect.

DIY washi tape unicorn craft for kids - jenny at dapperhouse

And that’s that!

What item are you going to decorate?


Here are links to items similar to the ones that I used in this craft. Just click to buy or to see more. . .

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