Here are some easy actions we can all take to make an
impact on our environment and save money too!
  • Buy paper products that are labeled “postconsumer” or “recycled”. Items like paper towels, printer paper, notebooks, and packing boxes can have these labels.
  • Use both sides of our paper when making copies. Use unwanted copies for scratch paper and then recycle. Have your children use scratch paper for writing, drawing and art to keep waste at a minimum. Recycle what papers of theirs that you don’t keep. 
  • Turn off lights when not in the room. As old bulbs burn out, replace them with energy efficient bulbs that last longer and save you money.
  • Always out computers and monitors in low-power sleep modes when you are going to be away for a bit. Turn them off completely while sleeping or away for longer periods of time. We can save tons of carbon dioxide emissions and electricity.
  • Cell phone chargers are one type of electronics that consume electricity when plugged in whether the phone is connected to it or not. Unplug power cords that are not in use. This will save money and lower your carbon footprint!
  • When buying new home office equipment and appliances, consider ones that have earned the Energy Star.  These operate more efficiently to require less energy and save you money.
  • Wash larger loads of clothing at one time and use cold water.
  • Involve our children in environmental decisions we make and actions we take!
  • Create a space to hold Bins for sorting recyclable and reusable products. Label bins for recycles: paper, plastics and metal. Collect pop/soda tops for cancer society. Collect items to donate to local charity (gently used clothing, toys, books, household items) and more. Make sorting items into the bins a chore for younger children. They will love it! Help older children understand how donations impact the earth and our society through reusing, reducing waste and giving to others in need. We can to take our children with us to drop off donations and teach them to look at second hand stores and garage sales for similar items that they can reuse.
  • Literally clean the air and increase oxygen in our homes with indoor plants. Ferns, Ivy and Palms are both decorative and perfect plants for cleaning the air of toxins. And you don’t need a lot to get the beneficial effects. Just two large plants in a room are ideal for your health! You wont have to run an air purifier. 
Alan Berman,Your Naturally Healthy Home (2001)