My sister had a fun challenge on her hands when her family moved into
a new house with a toddler boy and a baby girl on the way. 
The room that the children would be sharing was stark white so having a clean slate
was nice, but the challenge was what theme and colors would suit both genders.
She decided to do shades of red and blue with white accents and trim.
My brother in law painted the walls a soothing and sweet pale blue.
They bought a discarded dresser from Craig’s List
fixed it up and painted it shades of red. 
On etsy she found two little antique prints of 
boy drummer and girl majorette!
She had a bunny figurine of a brother and sister hugging each other. 
And she spent hours making these Super Cute Pinwheels
then turned them into a mobile with the help of our other sister. 
It all comes together picture perfect with white trim, 
a metal wall mount basket in red to hold the wipes, and a blue print decorative box 
to store diapers above the dresser/changing table. 

Then she got a little white toddler bed for her little guy
with a vintage hand stitched bedspread and plain pillow case to match. 
So stinking cute right?
The for the new baby girl, she made fabric circles in pretty contrast patterns
to hold her interest. The big and bright Decorative Poms will act as a fun mobile! 
Little guy has some cool “puff balls” over his bed too!
Along with Circus train prints and a photo collage. 
Here are some more shots of the AMAZINGLY CUTE Room
for my nephew and niece. 
I believe the curtain is from IKEA

and the dust ruffle was made by my sister. 
This room is a perfect illustration of putting together a professional looking 
designer room on a budget! 
With some planning, vision, craftiness and hard work
you too can put together something wonderful!
Speaking of Wonderful!
Here is Big Brother and Little sister.
Big Brother says “The only thing better than being a big brother is 
having a cotton candy the size of my head!”
Little sister says “There is nothing better than being ME!”

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse