Your efforts towards your partner don’t stop once the ring goes on your finger and you say I do at the altar. In fact, that’s the beginning of a promise to your spouse that you’ll be there for them, come what may. There are many marriages that can fall apart because the individuals don’t understand the gravitas of the commitment being made.

Your vows aren’t just words, they’re promises and these promises should be actively worked on as a married couple. If you’re looking to keep your marriage happy and healthy, then there are certainly some tips that can help. Here’s how to keep your marriage happy and healthy this year and beyond.

Always communicate

First and foremost – communicate. Communication is essential within any relationship and in order to make sure your marriage is still going strong, you should be looking at ways to keep up this communication day in, and day out.

If there’s a breakdown in communication, question why this might be. Are you both too busy with work or prioritizing family around the home? There should always be time for communication, even if it’s unspoken and it’s spotting your spouse’s body language. The better your communication, the stronger your partnership becomes. 

Ensure there’s trust and respect in the relationship

Trust and respect within the relationship are key and without them, this relationship can crumble apart. There are many reasons why trust and respect can be damaged within a marriage. Infidelity or paranoia that the other spouse isn’t being truthful can affect that trust. It might not be accurate but it’s something that may need to be addressed regardless.

Respect goes both ways and when it comes to your spouse, it’s important to be aware of their own beliefs and opinions. Respecting your other half is beneficial to strengthening the marriage but it’s also important to know that you can not believe these opinions or beliefs too.

If it’s not working out that way, then you may find yourself needing the Law Office of Ben Carrasco to help with a divorce.

Balance the responsibilities

Balancing responsibilities is something that makes a marriage healthy. If one of the two partners is expecting to take on a lot more of the family life, then the question needs to be asked. Why? Where’s the balance when it comes to that spouse spending less time with family and directing their energy elsewhere?

Just because one spouse is working from home and looking after the children, doesn’t mean they should then be responsible for the cooking and cleaning. It’s important to have a balance whereby both are doing equal amounts. 

Explore intimacy and make time for your spouse

Intimacy is something that needs to be made time for with your spouse. When it comes to intimacy, it’s not just sex but showing affection in other ways. From cuddles to just spending time alone together. If that’s not happening, that could certainly spell trouble.

Find more time to spend with your loved one and make the time to be intimate in a variety of ways beyond just sex.

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