It has been hot for so many weeks that I have disregarded my
furniture re-do projects for far too long.
Here and there I tried to brave the heat here in my non air conditioned 
sun room that is my workshop, but I can not 
handle sweating, so after
as little as fifteen minutes I would be so uncomfortable 
that I would go running for the ice cold shower. 
Luckily it has cooled off here in Illinois this week,
especially with the rain we have been having.
So I have been back to working on projects that are a month overdue.
The catch is that I have had to work whenever the temperature
is right, which means mainly late nights and early mornings.
Like today I woke to a brilliant thunder and rain storm at 6 am
and ran downstairs to paint. 
Coffee and cable have been my best friends during these times.
Last night it was Hazelnut Iced Coffee and Big Bang Theory.
This morning it was music videos and Vermont Country Blend.
Here I am watching  an acoustic video of Gym Class Heroes “Fighter”
 Such a Great Song!!
As we speak I am just waiting for the sun to go down to get back
to my waiting furniture. Having Cable TV makes a difference to me when I
need something to keep me entertained, so tonight it will be 
GLEE Project and Donut Shop Decaf. 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse