How to Keep a Positive Attitude Through Trying Times

When times of turmoil hit, our defense mechanisms go into play. Sometimes our “fight” mechanism kicks in and we can stay strong, get our bearings and trudge forward. Other times we curl up into a ball trying to deflect the negative and sad thought processes that accompany the event but getting overwhelmed with the emotions. No matter how strong a person is, trying times can often bring us to a horrible state of mind and challenge our emotions.

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Try to Have a Positive Attitude

When you are going through tough times it’s so important to try to keep a positive attitude, after all this positive attitude will help guide you beyond this turmoil into the light at the end of the tunnel. You might feel like there is nothing to be positive about and no way you can make the situation better, but think of the saying, “this too shall pass”.  It is so true that all trying times do pass eventually; you can’t stay in the tidal wave of anger and negativity forever but you can ride it out. Today we want to share a few ways you can keep a positive attitude through trying times as a means to fly by this situation with your sanity intact.

Focus on the Positives
It is difficult not to indulge in self-pity during trying times; it’s always easier to focus on what we don’t have or what is going wrong. (That is kind of how human nature works.) When you are faced with disasters, try to redirect your thoughts to focus on something that is going right in life. You can always find small accomplishments or blessings that you can focus on to find the good in your life at this time. Even when you are at your lowest, it is certain that you can find even just one small thing that is positive in life, regardless of how trying your current scenario is in the present moment. Focus on that one small positive and hold it tightly in your heart and mind. Zone in on it and make it your focus point while working through the turmoil.


Find Solutions 
Now that you are trying to keep your focus on the positives things that you have to be grateful for, it’s time to make a move toward a solution. Once you have settled into the habit of focusing on some of the positives in your life, this step should come a little easier. Take a step back and assess your current situation. Whatever it may be, start writing down ways to get past it. Just spend this time brainstorming at first, not worrying about how logical the solutions may be. Come up with any and every possibility you can. Get creative with your ideas! If you are in financial trouble, think about ways you can quickly make some cash or if there are ways to borrow money to make it through for example. Even if you never thought to be a bank teller or a host at an upscale restaurant, just write it down as it may lead to something!  Once you have a good list of ideas, go for a walk, take a bath, chat with a friend and clear your mind. Come back to your ideas and choose at least five solutions to the current problem that you think might be worth taking a risk on or moving forward with. Focusing on solutions and taking action is a crucial step to feeling better. This is the time to turn a bad situation into a positive one so if you want to make a drastic move now might be the time to chase after your dreams!

Lean on Others

None of us can go it alone in life. We all need mentors and friends to keep us in check, give us perspective and to provide support, love and kindness when we need it most. Don’t feel bad or weird about reaching out to people for help. Whether it is a friend, the leader of a church in your neighborhood or even a support/prevention hotline there is always someone out there who is willing to be there for you. Even if you think you have no one, think again! There are volunteers who are inspired to be there for people who need them and you can seek them out and have your life blessed in many ways. If someone came to you and said that they were feeling bad and needed someone to talk to would you feel put out and turn them away? Of course not! And no one will feel that way about you either. We all have to help each other to survive.

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Get Strong & Be Inspired
When you start to adjust your mind towards a solution, you will start to see the bigger picture of your current scenario. That is that you are alive and capable and that this too shall pass. Give yourself time to get our plan together and follow through. There’s another saying, “one is not given more than they can handle”, while this may be hard to swallow right now, remember it. No person is ever handed more than they are physically and emotional able to handle. It’s all about your perception of the current scenario that inspires that positive attitude or not. If you have a focus point, some solutions on hand and work towards only allowing that in your thoughts then you are learning to keep a positive attitude during trying times and rising out of that a stronger person. Whether it is to be a help to others when they face the same challenges or just to show you how strong you really are, you will look back and be proud that you made it through.
If you think that you can do these things to help you move forward then you are right on track! Keeping a positive attitude during trying times doesn’t have to be extremely difficult to do; it’s all about the small things and focusing on solutions rather than problems. It is also about determination and hope. It is about believing in yourself and your ability to become a stronger and better person in this life.

We wish you luck in moving on from this trying time and we have confidence in your ability to find that positive attitude during these trying times.

What advice do you have for people facing major adversity?