This is part of my series on ways to spend quality time with your child each day in thirty minutes or less. Sometimes after all is said and done, we may only have 30 minutes or less to spend with our children each day. Make that time matter with quality activities that will make fond memories to last a lifetime. This is an easy and fast Valentine’s Day bird craft that you can make with your child.

Valentine's Day Bird Paper Craft Easy DIY Tutorial free Printables @dapperhouse

You will need:

  • Color Printer or B&W Printer (Or trace your own design on paper)
  • glue stick
  • scissors

TIP: You & your child can decorate the bird with art supplies, stickers, etc.

Easy & fast Valentine's Day Bird Paper Craft DIY Tutorial free Printables @dapperhouse

There are ways to modify this activity.  I am giving you a free black and white printable pattern.  You can use it to cut out colored paper (as shown in my photos) or you can color it with your child. For other holidays and themes, use the blank template as a guide to using different colors, such as black and orange for Halloween!


To Make:

1.) Download free printable and print them out.

Enjoy your free Love Bird printable from jenny at dapperhouse

2.) Cut out the pieces and use them as a pattern on colored paper OR

color in the parts of the bird first, then cut them out.

3.) Use glue stick to adhere pieces as they are assembled

DONE! (Or decorate more)

TIP: Let older children help with the cutting and gluing. To modify this for young children, print and cut out for them. Put the glue on the pieces and let them stick the pieces onto the bird body.