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It can be daunting to find creative ways to entertain young children. You have to keep them busy or they make crazy messes for you to clean up, which leads to a vicious cycle of you not engaging the kids and the kids being bored and destructive. Little kids are curious and full of energy so you always have to be one step ahead! Here are some free printable indoor rhyming treasure hunt clues to keep those kiddos having fun! To add to the sense of adventure, give kids magnifying glasses, binoculars or “spy hats” because everything is more fun for kids when they dress up!



To download the clues: click the green link here:

Rhyming Tresure Hunt for Kids FREE Printable from jenny at dapperhouse

or scroll to the end of this post and click the pic.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Print out the two pages of clues.
  • Cut them into strips.
  • Lay the clues out in the order that you want the kids to look for them.
  • Keep the first one as the starter clue.
  • Hide the rest of the clues in the correct order.
  • At the spot where the last clue lead the kids to, hide the treasure for them to find!

TIPS: Older children who can read will love to help the younger siblings.

Free Printable rhyming treasure hunt for kids at home @dapperhouse #games #kids #children #activities

Here is a list of the clues and where to hide them: 

  1. CLUE 1 (the start clue): Hickory Dickory Dock. The mouse ran up the CLOCK.
  2. CLUE 2: (Hide this clue at a “clock”) The itsy bitsy spider went up the WATER SPOUT.
  3. CLUE 3: (Hide this clue at a water faucet) This is where I lay my head at night time when I go to BED.
  4. CLUE 4: (Hide this under your child’s pillow) To find your next clue you don’t have to go far, it is where you can buckle yourself in the CAR.
  5. CLUE 5: (Hide this one on your child’s car seat or a toy car indoors) Look for your clue there are still a few more, you will find it where you hear someone knock at the DOOR
  6. CLUE 6: (Hide this one at the door) If the room is dark you can make it bright, find your clue where you turn out the LIGHT
  7. CLUE 7: (hide this clue at a lamp, or light switch) Listen up close so that you know where to go, find your clue in the place where you watch your SHOW
  8. TREASURE: The place where a child watches their shows might be the television, could be the ipad… this is the last clue so this is where you will place the treasure. 

Free Printable treasure hunt for kids jenny at dapperhouse games activities for kids

TIPS: Younger kids can learn the concept of finding clues by you  hiding the clues in different order over and over again.

TIP: Treasure does NOT have to be a toy, prize or treat. A treasure can be a surprise, or an agreed upon item that they kids are looking for like a small toy or a sticker.

Rhyming Treasure Hunt for Kids FREE Printable from jenny at dapperhouse