Many small businesses today are built by founders who have a vision about what they want to accomplish. There are many founders who are also looking to produce high-quality goods while also use ethical methods and sustainable materials. Here are six eco-friendly companies that you can partner with in giving back to the planet.

1. Tree Tribe

Tree Tribe describes themselves as being a “nature-inspired lifestyle brand.” They are most well known for their double-layered insulated water bottles made from food-grade stainless steel. 

If the water bottles don’t get you, they produce a wide range of products like hats and clothing. They also make items like wallets and journals from leaf leather. Leaf Leather is a plant-based alternative that is harvested from Teak leaves. It is strong like traditional leather. For every purchase made, Tree Tribe plants a tree to say thank you and give back to the environment.

2. Compass Paper Co.

An outdoor-themed paper company specializing in greeting cards and postcard, Compass Paper Co. is definitely an up and coming eco-friendly company. All their cards use only recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. These witty greeting cards are perfect for that “just because” moment when you want to send a card to remind that someone that you’re thinking of them. They also donate a portion of their sales to Alliance for the Great Lakes and are a member of 1% for the Planet.

3. Lush

Lush has made a name for themselves in the world of bath bombs and shower gels. They use 100% vegetarian and local products and have even incorporated “naked” packaging with select items. They also have a strict policy of no animal testing and have created an annual prize to recognize safety testing for consumer products and highlight alternatives to animal testing. 

4. Patagonia

No eco-friendly company list would be complete without mentioning Patagonia. While they produce outdoor gear and supplies, Most people know Patagonia for the priority they give to preserve the environment. They have been closely involved with finding solutions for environmental crises for the past 40 years. They actively share information about events to attend, petitions to sign, and different ways that we can donate.

5. Indigo Luna

Indigo Luna is a small, family-owned company. They make products ranging from yoga pants and swimsuits to scarves and bed sheets. Their products are handmade in Bali, Indonesia. They use 100% plant dyes, organic cotton, recycled materials, and ensure that the products they’re using all have run-off waste that is organic and compostable. They have even introduced a recycling program in their factory and stores and are joining the conversion on how to reduce the impact on the local environment.

6. Mrs. Meyers

Finding eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t hurt your bank account can definitely prove to be a challenge. Look no further than products made by Mrs. Meyers! These freshly-scented products are made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients. With items like hand soap, laundry detergent, and dish packs, this is your one-stop-shop for environmentally conscious cleaning products.