Once you’ve bought your first home, it’s natural to feel relief. You’ll be done with the most stressful part of the process – saving up a deposit, getting a mortgage and more – but that doesn’t mean all of the stress is done. You’ll need to start decorating.

Figuring out how to decorate your new home from scratch can seem like an overwhelming process. It doesn’t need to be, however. By following a few particular strategies, you can make it much easier for yourself.

While there’ll naturally still be some work involved, everything will be much more straightforward than you’d assume.

What To Know When Decorating Your New Home From Scratch: 5 Top Strategies

1. When In Doubt, Go Neutral

When you first move in, you’ll want to put your stamp on the property and show off your personality. One of the easiest ways of doing so is by painting. Choosing the right colors for you could be difficult. If you’re unsure about what to pick, then a neutral color palette could be recommended.

Light and medium grays and even tans can be an option for this. These help to add light to a room while serving as a backdrop to accessorize with. With this as a foundation, you can use your furniture and other belongings to add a bit of pop.

2. Don’t Overlook Air Quality

It’s not uncommon to overlook air quality in your home, which can be affected by various things, such as dirt and dust. You’ll need to make sure that your home’s air quality is as great as possible. You can do this with your decorations by including plants and flowers around your home.

That isn’t the only thing you might need to worry about, however. If you’re a smoker, you mightn’t notice a drop in air quality because of the smoking. The people living with you will, however. It’s more than worth getting a Smoke Eater Air Purifier to help with this.

That’ll avoid anyone else being forced to breathe in any second-hand smoke.

3. Spice Things Up With Accents

Having a main color for each of your rooms is recommended, with the neutral tones mentioned above being some recommended options. That doesn’t mean you should paint everything one color and leave it as is.

Instead, you should add some accents. These can be in various areas, such as on the borders of the wall. Even painting one wall a contrasting color to the rest can be an effective way of spicing things up.

Even home decor accessories can help with this.

4. Visualize With Mood Boards

When you’re decorating your new home from scratch, it’s easy not to know where to start. With everything being blank, the possibilities you’ll have are endless. Narrowing down your options and figuring out what you’re going to do is essential.

For some people, this can be relatively easy, but it can be much harder for others. Mood boards can be one of the better options for doing this. Developing several of these for each of your rooms can be recommended, as it lets you visualize what the room looks like.

Since you won’t need to move furniture around or anything else, doing this shouldn’t take much time and effort. You can even focus on one room at a time when you’re taking this approach.

5. Start Large Before Going Small

When it comes to most things, starting small before going big can be recommended. That isn’t the case when decorating, as it’s worth starting with the smaller belongings and then focusing on the small ones.

While many of the larger pieces can be the functional ones mentioned above, not all of them are. These will be your statement pieces that draw people in. They’ll also typically be the physically larger furniture that you’ll get.

Once you have these taken care of, focus on the smaller things. These can be accessories to the larger pieces or even small odds and ends that tie the room together.

Top Tips For Decorating Your New Home Without The Stress

When you’re figuring out how to decorate your new home from scratch, each of the above strategies can be helpful. If you need a little more help, however, then you could want a few extra tips and tricks. Thankfully, you’ll have more than a few of these to choose from, including:

  • Focus On Functionality First – Making your new home functional for you should be your first priority, which means picking up your beds, sofas, appliances, and similar pieces first. By getting these out of the way, you can live normally in your house while looking for other pieces.
  • Get Friends To Help – It can be difficult to get the decorating done when it’s just you, or even you and your partner. When it comes to the more labor-intensive parts of the process, feel free to ask friends and family members for help. While not all could take you up on this, more than a few will.
  • Know That It’s Not Permanent – You could feel stressed about where you place everything. To minimize this, it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not permanent. You can change decorations and furniture around whenever you want. Don’t stress about whether it’s the best place long-term for a particular belonging.

With each of the these tips – alongside the strategies outlined above – you can decorate your new home faster and with less stress than you otherwise would have. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from decorating the home of your dreams.

How To Decorate Your New Home From Scratch: Wrapping Up

Once you know how to decorate your new home from scratch, the process seems much less overwhelming. While there’s still some work involved on your end, it’ll be simpler than you could expect.

Naturally, various factors can affect this, such as how large your new home is and how much furniture you need to pick up. With the ease of buying furniture online – coupled with each of the strategies above – you won’t have anything to worry about.

An empty property shouldn’t need to be so daunting. Your new house will feel like home in no time.

Main Image Credit: Midascode from Pixabay.