One of the discouraging factors in using anabolic steroids is their androgenic properties. By androgenic, we mean their masculinizing effect on users. Steroids have been used extensively in therapeutic interventions and for body enhancing purposes. They have been applied in wasting diseases like HIV, muscular diseases, treatment of burns, post-operative recuperation amongst others. Bodybuilders have also used steroids to acquire strength and build muscle mass.

However, whether therapeutic or body enhancement, users have had to live with their masculinizing after effects. For female users, this was a greater concern considering that some of these side effects like deepening of voice, facial hairs and vascularity, are irreversible.

Later researches however birthed SARMS, like Ostarine, which promised what anabolic steroids offered but without the androgenic side effects associated with them. You can get more on that here. These possibilities have made scientists and medical researchers to take great interest in them. The implication of these possibilities is that those who suffer from diseases that can be treated with steroids can be given SARMs without fear of them getting masculinized, especially the females.

In the world of bodybuilding, female bodybuilders now have access to drugs that can help in boosting strength without turning them to males. Other uses are in the area of weight control. Females seeking better body look such as reduced body fat, waist line, biceps and triceps fat, etc. can now have a solution they can apply without the risk of turning to men at the end of the day.

Benefits of Ostarine

Cutting Cycles and Burning Fat

Ostarine has uses in body enhancement and performance as earlier noted. The most discoursed amongst bodybuilders being its ability to prevent muscle loss during cutting cycles. Because it burns fats, while at the same time preventing a loss of muscles, it has become the darling of users of SARMS and anabolic steroids.

When your body receives a signal to burn fat and subsequently lose weight, often it goes beyond just that brief and goes ahead to metabolize all stored energy in your body, including that which is housed within your muscles. In the same vein and as a result of this, it also breaks down proteins in your muscles. It therefore becomes a near impossibility to kick start a fat burning process in your body without at the same time igniting the burning of calories and proteins too. For more details on this subject, you can check this article here:

To resolve the dilemma described above, Ostarine comes to the rescue. It makes it possible for your body to burn fat without proteins being consumed in the process. So, some users have narrated that they have been able to go on diets with low calories and still maintain their muscle mass, because by the aid of the drug, anabolic processes were not interrupted. As a result of this unique ability, users can simultaneously achieve muscle gain, fat loss and overall weight gain. 

Improving Heart Health

Like other SARMS, Ostarine is being researched for its therapeutic value in the treatment of certain diseases. Those suffering from heart disease, who have wasted muscles and loss of weight as a result, could also benefit from Ostarine. Triglycerides were lowered on a dose of 1mg – 3mg daily in clinical trials involving 120 sound seniors. Also lowered in these trials was HDL cholesterol. Good lipid levels is very helpful in the prevention of heart diseases.

Reducing Insulin Resistance

The study on Ostarine just mentioned above also noted how it was instrumental in cutting down the body’s resistance to insulin and thereby bringing about a reduction of glucose in the blood. The result is comparable to having the patients administered with metformin, a regular anti-diabetic medication. This result presents Ostarine as being beneficial to diabetic patients and patients with metabolic syndromes.

Bone Health Improvement

The chances of bad bone health or/and osteoporosis is increased with ageing. Ageing results in a reduction of sex hormones that offer protection to the bones. Whatever can bring about an increase to muscle mass also brings about a reduced chance of fractured bones as a result of muscle mass increase. In the case of the elderly, this can fast-track recovery. Being that Ostarine, in the bones as well as the muscles, is a mimicry of testosterone, it therefore comes with the promise of safeguarding the bones from diseases that can affect it.

Building Muscle Mass

Research is ongoing on its ability to reverse the loss of muscles in patients with cancer, muscular dystrophy and equally amongst the ageing. Clinical trials involving 120 seniors saw Ostarine increasing fitness and muscle mass that were hitherto lean. It is worth noting that some doses of the drug produced no results. Those who took 3mg daily in a 12 weeks period were those who noticed changes. In these tests, it was equally noted that risks associated with steroids were absent.

In some other trials, cancer patients of about 159 in number, saw Ostarine increase their very reduced muscle mass. Patients, who had lost muscle mass before the onset of the study, found themselves gaining more than 2 Ibs after being on the drug for a space of 4 months. Doses of 1mg daily and 3mg daily were doses found to have performed satisfactorily. Larger tests are presently underway to determine conclusively to what extent cancer patients suffering from muscle loss can benefit from this drug. We await fuller reports on tests with cancer patients.

Other Trials

Other trials equally promised effectiveness for treatment in breast cancer, low testosterone, muscular dystrophy and incontinence. In these clinical trials, doses administered were between 1mg and 3mg for a period of four months. With regards to absorption and elimination of Ostarine in the body, it is well absorbed, transported and eliminated in fecal mode –almost unchanged– as a study with rats showed.

All of the benefits listed above just gives you more reasons why you should buy Ostarine if any of the above are in your goal list.

In Conclusion

Ostarine has proven, for many users, to be a good replacement for testosterone therapies. In this case, rather than the usual muscle loss at the stoppage of testosterone, they were able to retain their muscles with the strength gained. The drug has therefore been a succor for quick muscle recovery especially for sick folks who suffered muscle loss. It has also been helpful in tendon and bone injuries healing. Finally, it is equally instrumental in the prevention of injury, especially for those in performance activities.

While this drug has been shown to offer tremendous benefits, some care should be taken to use it within the recommended dosage limits to avoid any unwanted outcomes.