DIY Mother’s Day  
Floral Paper Celebration Bouquet
You will need:
 decorative papers
fabric scraps, lace and tulle
hot glue gun & glue sticks
white glue
Ink pad
alphabet stamps
buttons/ assorted embellishments
decorative planter box
Floral Foam
wooden dowels/ skewer sticks
moss filler
(and whatever else you feel like using from your craft room)
Get a bunch of supplies and tools and spread them out in your work area.
Find coordinating fabrics, papers and embellishments and set them together.
Cut, tear, fold and glue layers of coordinating materials 
together using cardboard or foam to create depth between the pieces. 
Cut banners and decorations. 
Add glitter, letters, stamps and more to create
the look or words you want.
I used vintage look papers and authentic vintage buttons.
I stamped M-O-M on my rosettes.
Hot glue everything together and onto the dowels. 
Then, after filling your box with floral foam, create an arrangement that you like. 
(here I was trying out dried roses, but didn’t like how it looked)
Once you have your piece arranged, take the pieces out carefully and set them aside.
One by one put the pieces back in by squeezing hot glue into the
hole and inserting the dowel. I like to add reinforcements around the top as well
so that the items stay in place!
Once everything is secured back into the base,
cover in decorative moss or shredded paper. 
This one is going into the boutique shop I consign with,
Urban Chic Home in Glen Ellyn, IL. 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse