I wanted to share this super cute learning game that I made so you can make one for your child or student. It is a Montessori and Reggio Emilia inspired way to help little ones learn their colors.

DIY Apple Basket Color Sorting Game for Kids - Make it yourself - jenny at dapperhouse

I was so lucky to find these small baskets at a second hand store but you can buy similar ones here or some cute baskets without lids here.

color sort baskets DIY learning activity - jenny at dapperhouse

You will need to buy some small wooden apples that fit inside the baskets. I found mine on etsy but I have seen them in craft stores as well. You can also order this version on amazon.

wooden apples and wicker baaskets color sorting activity - jenny at dapperhouse - reggio emilia - montessori

You will need paint in the colors of the rainbow. Dilute the paint so that it goes on as a wash rather than the regular thickness.

montessori and reggio emilia inspired color sorting game for kids - DIY - jenny at dapperhouse

I made circles on word and typed the color names inside. I added a small oval in each one and after I printed them off, I filled them in with the appropriate color. Then I cut them out and laminated them to keep them re-usable. (These are optional however.)

color sorting learning game DIY - jenny at dapperhouse

This is an easy activity to  make and fun to use. It is a great way to spend quality time with your child in 30 minutes or less as well!