Spring is so much fun. Especially the birds that have come out to sing their praises to the sun. This bird house is an easy craft for kids of any age. I did this with three your olds and it was super fun! The steps are fast and this craft is incredibly easy. Depending on what paint you use drying times may vary but this could be completed at two different times in the same day. Have fun with your little ones.

DIY Easy Kids Craft - Birdhouse from Milk Carton @dapperhouse Tutorial

You will need:

  • clean, empty milk carton
  • paint
  • paint brushes
  • scissors
  • tape
  • string

Step 1. Give children paints, brushes and clean milk carton. Encourage them to paint over the letters and words that they see and to cover every surface.

DIY Easy Kids Craft Birdhouse Step 1 @dapperhouse

Step 2. Using the scissors, start a hole with the tip and then cut a circle in one of the sides. The opening should be large enough for a local bird to take up residence.

DIY Easy Kids Craft Birdhouse from a milk carton Step 2 Cut a hole in the side @dapperhouse

Step 3. Fold a piece of construction paper in half and tape it to the top of the milk carton. TIP – at this step before you put on the paper roof, you could first use the tip of the scissors to make two hoes in the top for the string to be threaded through. You can also do it after. DIY Easy kids craft birdhouse from a milk carton @dapperhouse Step 3

Step 4. Make two holes in the top of the roof for the string to thread through. The holed must go into the paper and the milk carton. Be careful when making the holes! Thread the string and pull both ends to the top. Tie in a knot in preparation to hang it from a hook or tree.

DIY Easy kids craft bird house @dapperhouse Step 4

Step 5. Hang your bird house outside to enjoy it. Children are excited to check daily to see if a bird has chosen to make it a home!

DIY Easy kids craft DIY bird house from a milk carton @dapperhouse

Ours was hanging on the porch but then the children decided that perhaps it would be better to hang it in a tree. The logic was that a bird may be frightened of people coming and going near the porch, but a tree on the side of the house would provide enough privacy. Arts, crafts and learning!

How to make a DIY Birdhouse from a milk carton Kids Crafts @dapperhouse