Clothes Pins are not just a fun and adorable
trend, but a useful and beautiful accessory
that is here to stay. 


I did a tutorial for hand painted clothespins
at the awesome Etsy, crafts and more
blog called Maria’s Handmade Love.
I have made many different styles of clothespins
to suit your individual likes and needs.
There are sets where each clothespin is
different, for organizing stacks of papers,
bills, kids’ artwork and more.
          There are matching sets for pinning           
closed lunch sacks, food packages,
chip bags, hanging pictures from ribbons
on note boards…
There are larger sets for hanging curtains     
from a string, banners for parties and photos at a wedding or other event.



(an idea I particularly love is using these to hanging vintage kitchen linens

from a string in front of a window

  to create unique and cottage style look curtains)
Use them to secure the tops of goodie bags at parties
or silent auctions,
or grab bags at events.
They make great gifts for the person
who has everything…just clip them to the card.
Check out my etsy store for the
clothespins that you love best!
You can send me an email or convo me at etsy
with your ideas for personalized,
Custom Clothespins of your Design for a special order
Just for YOU!


! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse