My daughter. The joy that has come from being her mother surpasses any other. I am a proud Mama for sure and she makes it easy being that she is a person of many talents. Throughout her life she has picked up things like musical instruments and art and been amazing at them all. With no formal training in any one thing it is hard to believe how talented she is and how much beauty she can bring to the things she creates. Her voice is a talent that she has always had, singing non-stop as a very young child. As she got older she became self conscious and stopped singing in front of people, so we would have to put our ears to her closed bedroom door to catch her voice. Now she has agreed to share herself with the world (or at least with me – YAY!) and sing in front of a virtual audience. Her and I live far apart in different states so she has a recording site that she uses to record then I can log on and listen. She has recorded 3 songs so far and is planning on doing many more. I want to share one with you now; a country song called Better Dig Two.

(video make take a bit of time to load)

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse