You don’t have to live in a desert to enjoy the prickly fun of cactus! Especially when they have gooley eyes and a smile. Cactus crafts are a great way to add a little bit of adorable decor to your home or a fun project for your kids to make. These cactus crafts are the perfect summer DIY to do at home or an excellent all-year-round craft whenever you feel inspired. So whether you’re looking for a quirky teen room decoration or something fun to pass the time, there are options are perfect for anyone and everyone! If you’re looking for an amazing and fun craft to do, here are 20 Sweet Cactus Crafts to DIY.

  1. Paper Bag Cactus Craft 
  2. Easy Paper Cactus Craft
  3. DIY Rock Cactus Craft 
  4. Stuck on You Handprint Cactus Craft
  5. Paper Plate Cactus Craft
  6. Flowering Hearts Cactus Craft
  7. Fun 3D Cactus Paper Craft
  8. Toothpick Craft: Make a Cool Cactus
  9. DIY Washi Tape Cactus Wall Art
  10. DIY Happy Cactus Paper Plants
  11. Cactus Clutch
  12. Make Faux Cacti from Socks 
  13. Cute Paper Cup Cactus Craft 
  14. DIY Paper Cactus on Wood 
  15. Mini Potted Paper Cactus 
  16. A Unicorn Cactus
  17. Easy 3D Paper Cactus Craft 
  18. Pet Cactus Rocks 
  19. Black Glue Cactus Craft 
  20. Toilet Paper Roll Cactus 

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