If you’re going to have a good wedding, you want to consider all the angles. One of those angles is your bridesmaids. They’re a kind of reflection of the bride herself. These young, single ladies are the next ones who may potentially be married in future, and as such, they bring a vitality to the occasion.

Your bridesmaids are going to themselves become excited, and if you’ve ever been one, you know how much fun the whole thing can be. So have fun with them. Be trendy. Be flirtatious if you like. What’s the theme of your wedding? And how do you want everyone to look? You know, the trend is tending toward shorter dresses.

Today, short bridesmaid dresses | Azazie are sought; according to Azazie.com, they’re: “…all the rage for summer and spring weddings. Azazie has a wide range of options for bridesmaids who want to show off a little extra leg during their bestie’s nuptials. It’s also fun to add short dresses into a mix and match wedding to give your bridal party a little extra dimension.”

Weddings Of Whimsy

If you’re having a wedding of whimsy, don’t stop with the costuming. Extend that spirit of fun to the condiments you’re looking to provide as well. Have you ever heard of a candy buffet? It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s delicious, it’s crazy, it’s celebratory, and more than just the kids tend to enjoy it!

And there are all kinds of different candies out there today to choose from. You can even have them all at once if it suits you! According to SweetServices.com, there’s vitality in the rainbow: “Rainbow colored candy will give you an extra boost of vitality.”

The hardest thing about your wedding may not be the bridesmaids dresses, or the condiment coordination, or going through the traditional rituals. It may be getting the cost figured out. Weddings can be expensive. If you want to do it right, you should budget between $10k and $30k toward the purpose—depending on what you can afford.

Here’s the thing: if you’re savvy and plan far enough in advance, you can have a top-tier ceremony, reception, and occasion, for bottom-dollar. You’ve just got to think outside the box a little and know what you’re doing.

Offsetting Honeymoon Costs

One way to help offset the cost of the honeymoon, and so increase resources you can spend on the wedding, is to use crowdsourced options designed for the purpose like those available through Honeyfund.com. Because something else beyond bridesmaids, convections, and ceremony cost to consider is your first few days together as a couple.

The honeymoon is in many ways the most essential part of the wedding. This is your first foray “into the wild”, as it were. You’re going to have amazing adventures, and you’re going to have a few ridiculous arguments. And if you can pull through the honeymoon to the first few months, and then years, of marriage, you’ve got a good chance of seeing it through for the long-term.