Can you truly relax in your home? With the world in a constant state of turmoil, it’s important for all of us to be able to chill out and take five within the confines of our houses. And whether you want to catch a few zzzs on a weekend afternoon, or just lie back and experience a calm moment or two at the end of a long day, we all need a little bit of peace and quiet. Here are some suggestions that will help you find tranquility and relaxation in your home that won’t cost you a small fortune.

A new paint job

Believe it or not, your color scheme and decoration could be making it impossible to relax. Overly bright colors can overstimulate your brain, meaning it can be tough to switch off completely. So, look around your local home decor store and choose some paint in more neutral, calming colors like soft greens, lavenders or dark gray-blues.

Some new lamps

Lighting is also a major factor in giving you a relaxing environment, and there are some clever little things you can do to improve your lighting at home. Dimmer switches are cheap to buy and install, of course, but you can also invest in a few lamps. Dot them around your living space, ensuring you place them at different levels for the best possible effect. Also, think about getting some colored light bulbs – some nice orange, red or blue glows can help you relax.

Some new seating

You don’t have to buy an entire three-piece suite to upgrade your seating possibilities. Companies such as Comfy Sacks and many others offer some awesomely comfy bean bags. And you can save even more money by getting your old couch restuffed with new material, making it as good as new for the fraction of the price of a new set.

Declutter the bedroom

If you are anything like the average person, your bedroom is likely to be an area that suffers most from clutter in the home. It’s easy to see why – after all, no one else outside of the family ever sees it! However, all that clutter tends to play on your mind when you are trying to relax in the bedroom. It can even have an impact on your stress levels and ability to get a good night’s sleep. So, declutter your bedroom, find a home for everything, and you will find your ability to relax improves no end.

A hammock

As summer approaches, why not consider buying a hammock for the ultimate in relaxation in the garden? Again, they are cheap and easy to set up. Ideally, you would place your hammock between two trees, but you could also invest in some metal supports instead if you lack trees in your garden. Nothing beats being suspended in midair in an outdoors environment!

Do you have trouble relaxing at home? If so, why not try some of these tips and let us know how you get on in the comments section below?