It is proven that in most matters in life, keeping a journal has tremendous benefits. Keeping a fitness journal for exercise and diet is on the top of that list. Want to see more success this time around? Want to become more aware of your personal needs and find out what does and doesn’t work for you? Want to see the trend of you reaching all your short and long term goals? Keep a fitness journal!

Here is why you need to use a fitness journal. (Click the pics to get more product information.)

A fitness journal:

  • makes you mindful of calories eaten and calories burned
  • gives you less chances of overeating or snacking
  • makes you drink enough water
  • keeps you accountable to daily goals
  • helps you figure out what works for you
  • lets you see and celebrate your results
  • helps you see when you need to make changes in your plan
  • trains your brain to remember more about your daily routines
  • provides more of a chance that you will stick with your overall goals
  • can provide helpful information to doctors in case of an injury

You can use the computer or apps to keep track of your fitness, but at the end of the day, putting pen to paper is more personal and allows you more time to stop and really think about the big picture. It allows you to be as detailed as you want, keep notes or doodles or jot down ideas that you have. And it is just really fun!  Here are some fitness journals that you can choose from.