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I recently attended a blogging conference called SoFabUOTR that was about a five hour drive from my home in Chicago. My husband and I share a car so I needed a reliable way to get where I was going and the people at Drive Shop provided me with a car from KIA. It is their minivan called the Sedona. Now please keep in mind that when my husband and I married, we wrote our own set of “vows” for each other. These were not shared at the ceremony but between us they were part joke, part honest sharing. On my husband’s list for me were things like “never cut your hair shorter than your shoulders” and “never make me watch a chick flick”. . . on my list was “never grow a long beard” and “don’t get to comfortable with using bad manners in front of me”. . . but one of the things we both had on our list was “Never, ever buy or drive a minivan”.  We were determined to stay stylish and we kept our promise never even broaching the subject of becoming conformists in the suburbs. Until Drive Shop brought me the KIA Sedona. . . and I had to finally break my promise.

The KIA Sedona minivan is your next car #Sedona @KIA #minivan #newcar @DriveShopUSA  jenny at dapperhouse

The first place I went after Drive Shop USA dropped off the KIA was to pick up my 20 year old son. He laughed at me because he knew about the no minivan policy but kept remarking about how even he would drive that car with pride, and I agreed 100%.

I took my 12 year old and his team mates to practice. They all thought the Sedone was a “sweet ride” and called it the #swaggerwagon and the #swaggervan.  My 12 year old begged me to keep the KIA!

The @KIA #Sedona is Your next Vehicle #minivan #swaggerwagon #swaggervan @DriveShopUSA #SoFabUOTR  - jenny at dapperhouse

I left with my daughter on the road trip to the blog convention and it was the most luxurious and safe drive I have ever had in a car! It was so nice that I felt like I should have some fresh flowers in there. . . (it is very upper class in that car).

Why the KIA Sedone is Your Next Minivan @KIA #sedone #minivan #SoFabUOTR @DriveShopUSA

Not only was it like a swanky hotel lounge in there, but it truly did save me from an accident. We were on the highway with a lot of cars and everyone driving really fast. I had to make a quick move to get over many lanes of traffic and when I began to make my move, the car alerted me immediately that there was still a car in my blind spot. I stayed in my lane and sure enough, there was a car right there! My heart was racing and I was really shaken up. I was so grateful that the many safety features on that car had kept us safe. It would have been an ugly scene.

There are virtually no distractions while driving the KIA Sedona because the controls are literally at the wheel including cell phone service. The navigation system make it seriously impossible to get lost and I never had to worry about getting where I was going! (It even got me to the Cincinnati Zoo!)

KIA 4 this is your next minivan @KIA #sedona @DriveShopUSA

Once I got back home my husband drove it a few times and made the comment that “all vows were still in place. . . except for the thing about the minivan”.  He agreed that the KIA Sedona it is a car to be proud of and love to drive.

If you are in the market for a new car I Strongly Recommend that you check out the KIA Sedona. It has the most trunk space I have ever seen in a minivan. Double sunroofs, lots of outlets for devices and tailgating, seats that not only fold up but move around the vehicle and everything is automatic. It is having the world of driving at your fingertips and I absolutely LOVED it!


Can you guess what my next car is going to be?