Here is another finished project that I LOVED doing this week!
A dear, sweet woman in my town had a boring, old wood cabinet
that looked outdated in her stylish and perfectly decorated home.
This piece, a dresser and Hutch, was in the guest room.
With friends and family due to visit this summer, 
she was ready to give this set a makeover.
Here it is during the beginning stages…
( I am working in our all season’s room) 
Still painting, sanding and watching the TV that 
my hubby hooked up for us…YAY – I have a room
to see something other than sports! 
Here are the pieces closer to finish before I added the wax finish. 
She wanted a grey-white, so I used a stark white underneath, then mixed
a bit of grey in an off white and sanded down through 
the layers to expose the white and the wood. 
 I had her give me the paint that matched the walls in the guest room 
for the back of the cabinet for a pretty effect. 
Here is the finished piece put together after my Husband and I delivered 
it to their Home.  I LOVED it and so did they owners. YAY!
Before         and           After

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse