For lots of women, working out during the week is hard enough! On the weekend, you want to relax and spend time with your friends and family without having to worry about pumping iron. So, it’s not uncommon to stop exercising on Friday and pick up where you left off on Monday. After all, rest is healthy because it prevents your routine from getting old and tired. 

However, while maintaining fun and enjoyment is imperative to your health, that doesn’t mean you should neglect Saturday and Sunday workouts. If anything, you should include them wherever possible, and these are the reasons why.

You Have More Time

Killing two birds with one stone is a regular part of weekday life. As a mom, you can’t function properly if you don’t learn how to multitask. And, no matter how satisfying it is, it might become rushed. A direct knock-on effect is that your exercise plan suffers. Whether it’s building muscle or losing weight, you need to invest as much time and energy as possible. At the weekend, you can schedule the seconds as you please, even leaving a period for a lie-in in the morning. This is a perfect mix of playing and working hard, two things meant for the weekend!

Weekends Are When You Cheat 

Let’s face it – it’s easy to cheat on a weekend. Saturday and Sunday don’t feel like typical days, which encourages you to eat and drink what you want, to an extent. Yes, cheat days are effective, yet they still result in extra calories that are tough to shift during the week. If you can continue your excellent work on the weekend, you’ll hit your health and fitness targets quicker. At the very least, exercising will negate some of the negative impacts of falling off the wagon for a couple of days.

Exercise Is A Healthy Replacement

Bad habits start at the weekend, as you already know. Sadly, they can continue during the week, too, even resulting in long-term health issues. Addiction treatment programs get lots of patients who start as casual drinkers and smokers and end up with a compulsion. Of course, it’s challenging to put the cigarettes and alcohol down when there isn’t much else to do on the weekend. The trick is to replace going to a bar with a healthy alternative: exercise. Working out will take up enough time that you won’t feel the urge to party and indulge in toxic habits.

There Are More Opportunities

When you only have five days per week to reach your goals, it can be hard to see progress. After all, one bad day might set you back for the entire seven, which isn’t ideal. The good news is that a weekend workout provides more opportunities to fix mistakes. With an extra two days to exercise and eat healthily, you can limit the damage and negate inevitable errors. The mental boost this gives you is as effective as the physical one!

So, are you ready to workout on the weekend?

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