When we moved into our home 5 years ago,
one of the things that we loved most about the house
was the vast deck and the Gorgeous Tall Tree beside it.
Not only was the tree beautiful to look at,
it shaded the entire backside of out two story house
which kept our energy usage and costs down!
It provides fresh air  and some privacy too.
Another perk…there was a squirrel living there in
a nest hear the tip top of the tree.
It learned to mimmic the sound of our dog barking so she sould
mock him to pass the time.
During the snowy and bitter winters she would come to the back
door in the mornings for her breakfast which I would lovingly provide.
She has had a few babies.
She has entertained my child care children and my family.
And the tree grew taller and fuller and more beautiful.
Then we had a very bad storm which always happens here in
the summers in Illinois.
The winds and rains and lightning were fierce.
My daugter woke to the sound of an enormous “CrAcK!” and ran into my room.
The boys and I were watching the storm from the
front of the house and hadnt heard the
crack amonst the sheets of pounding rain
and the thunder shaking the house.
After the storm let up, we went out to survey the damage and we saw before
us what my daughter had heard that morning.
Our poor tree was cracked in half!

Right down the middle all the way to the ground.
Many branches were broken as well and we knew
 that it could not be saved.
The tree service came to remove the tree branch by branch.
Cutting limbs, dragging them to the front of the house and feeding
them through the monster of a wood chipper.
Then they cut the trunk into many sections leaving stumps for us to
sit and mourn the loss of our poor tree.
Squirrel was very unhappy too.
He chattered and scattered and broke twigs and threw them about.
And then he left. 
Farewell Tree (and Squirrel) You are missed.