In the modern world, we’re often so busy. So busy, in fact, that we often forget to take part of the most important thing in our lives – ourselves. When you let your body fall into disrepair and disharmony, the problems are going to start mounting up. A lack of exercise and activity, mental health issues, weight gain, excess fat, vision problems, lifestyle choices…there is so much to think about!

That’s why we want to help you to stay healthy in the modern era. What, then, are some useful tips to ensure that you can stay naturally fit and healthy in 2020 and beyond?

  1. Start eating more greens

Let’s start off with the most important thing – your diet and lifestyle. If you are looking to make a positive improvement on your quality of life, then you should look to try and bring more nutrients and minerals into our bodies. Natural green vegetables are a rich source of chlorophyll, which is an essential part of maintaining a happy and healthy liver.

Along with cutting down on the alcohol content, you can find that eating some more greens will have a massive impact on your health. Your body will thank you for the toxin fighting capabilities!

  1. Eat a little easier

Speaking of food, one thing that we highly recommend that you try out is to start eating a little easier. Bloating and other problems come from eating too much food or eating too much food too quickly. We recommend that you look to try and improve your diet by avoiding carbohydrate heavy foods such as rice and bread. 

If you want to try and ease bloating, then try and drink some peppermint tea. This helps to get rid of needless bloat, and will help you to look better and feel better at the same time. 

  1. Get out for a walk every morning

Many of us take the extra half an hour in bed, but we highly recommend you start each day by going for a walk. A simple walk, even around the block in a concrete city, can feel quite rewarding. It allows you to stretch your legs, to start your day off positively, and to give your mind a chance to settle into the day.

Instead of going from tiredness in bed to stress in work, find a better way to bridge the gap. A simple walk certainly helps there!

  1. Try and drink more water

By the same token, many of us get our liquids from soda, booze, and caffeinated drinks. The more water that you can drink, though, the better. According to studies, you could need as much as 1l of water per 29kg of body weight that you are carrying.

You will find that high water intake has a great impact on your health, and it will ensure that you look and feel better. Just avoid drinking a needless excess. By following the formula above, you should be drinking something in the region of 3l plus per day.

  1. Look after your eyes

While our eyes are often part of our body that we just assume is always going to be OK, it’s vital that you take eye health seriously. If you start to deal with fuzzy vision, pain around the eyes, regular squinting, dry eyes or any other kind of issue with your eyes, seek out an optician.

They can show you the best solution. If your eyes need extra support, you might find that having glasses or contact lenses could make the difference. Don’t deny the importance of eye health – see here for more info! 

  1. Fit in some physical movement in the evening

While not all of us have time to hit the gym or get on a home workout, you should at least look to do something. Try and make sure you spend at least 30 minutes of your evening doing some kind of exercise. An easy one to do if you have stairs is to simply go up the stairs, and back down, around 5-6 times. This will feel good, and ensure that you can get some great physical movement that helps you to avoid feeling so stiff when you wake up in the morning.

  1. Invest in your mind

2020 and beyond looks to be the start of the most mind-focused decade humanity has ever lived through. Today, we are more aware about the health problems we can face by not taking good care of our mind than ever before. We recommend that you look to do something about that – invest in your mind.

Write down a journal and a diary of your thoughts. Invest some time into meditation and other forms of mindfulness. Basically, give your mind a chance to let some of that build-up stress vanish with some thorough, thoughtful thinking each night.

  1. Start resting more

Lastly, we recommend that you look to start getting a proper amount of sleep. You should be looking to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night, and a maximum of around eight. We recommend that you look to try and get rid of any technology in the bedroom.

Removing the distraction – including leaving your phone outside the room or across the room – is a great way to ensure you actually sleep. If you are struggling to sleep, use a notepad and jot down the thoughts that are keeping you awake. Before long, you’ll solve the problem and find a calm, spiriting rest awaits! 

Try out the above tips, and you might soon find that living your best life isn’t as hard as it might have first appeared.