Walking is a fantastic exercise that many people can greatly benefit from. Walking can help you lose weight over time. Walking is great for health especially for a strong heart and a better state of mind. Walking every day for 30 minutes is essential for staying healthy. Walking outside is especially good for mental health.  Here are scientifically proven benefits of walking.


1.) Helps you build strong, lean muscle.

2.) Helps diabetics stabilize blood sugar.

3.) Reduces your risk of breast and colon cancer.

4.) Improves chances of beating cancer while in recovery.

5.) Cut your risk of stroke in half.

6) Cut your risk of heart attack in half.

7.) Makes your mental focus sharper.

8.) Releases endorphins to reduce stress and elevate mood.

9.) Strengthens bones reducing risk of osteoporosis and is gentle on joints. 

10.) Helps reduce unhealthy body fat which improves overall health. 

As you can see, walking is highly beneficial to your health. Whether it is in your neighborhood, a new trail or even indoors at a mall, walking is something that you should start doing today and add to your regular schedule.