You are now at STEP 4: Collage with Dry Beans and Putting it all Together. At this point you have made your Eric Carle inspired shamrock, your rainbow and your pot of gold. Now it is time to make your 3D green grass and finish your masterpiece. For this step you will need your package of split peas, white glue and glue stick.

First have your child secure their shamrock and pot of gold to the rainbow with a glue stick.

Second apply a layer of white glue at the bottom of the poster where the grass will be.

split peas @dapperhouse

Third have our child apply the split peas to the glue until they are satisfied with they results. (I also had a bit of colored rice to use)

Last, let this dry an hour or two and your child’s masterpiece is ready for display and praise!

st patricks day multimedia childrens art lesson and activity image 1 @dapperhouse
What a fun way to spend quality time with your child and have a keep-sake to remind you both.