I recently took another step to Be More Green in 2013! I removed the paper towels from our home and replaced them with DIY rags. Then I added recycle containers to the trashcans in the rooms around the house. Bathrooms and bedrooms can be small spaces so it may not be feasible to add another trash can to a room. In my small spaces I used cardboard cereal boxes that easily tuck inside a cupboard or along side the trash can . I covered them with decorative papers so that they are nicer to look at and don’t look like trash.
Here is how easy it is to create an out of the way recycle box.

You need:
a cereal box (or other cardboard box) 
glue gun and glue sticks
decorative paper or wrapping paper

Measure and cut the paper to fit the box leaving a few inches at the top. 
( I left about 3 inches)  

Starting at one side, use the glue gun to glue the paper to the box all the way around. At the top, cut the paper at the corners so that they can be glues and folded inside the box. 

Folding the paper inside the box makes it look better than having the paper simply cut off at the top. It also keeps the paper from tearing while in use. 

These tall and slim boxes are great for recycles in every small space. Here is one of mine tucked behind the waste basket in our half-bath. Now small bits of paper, plastic and glass will be recycled instead of thrown away in the landfill. 

Look how much recycled materials are taken from my bathroom in a week! And note how little “regular” trash there actually is to be thrown away. 

Making your own DIY for clean waste is such an easy way to lower your carbon footprint! Adding a small recycle container  near every trash can is very responsible to our earth. 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse