Do you find it hard to shop for the guys in your life? Maybe your partner is difficult to give gifts to, thanks to just how little they seem to want? Or maybe your Dad is a hard one to buy for, seeing as he’s using the latest tools and tech every time you see him? Well the struggle stops here! It’s time to outthink the guy who has everything and finally get him a present for his birthday or your anniversary that’ll really go down well. Here are some ideas to get started with. 

What Hobbies Does He Have?

Every guy has a hobby he dedicates a significant portion of his life to, so this is the best place to start. Does he like golf? Does he make and paint miniatures? Does he like bird or train watching? Maybe he’s a huge video game fan? Whatever it is he loves to do, buy him something down those lines. Even if it’s a novelty or ‘jokey’ gift, it’ll still be something fun to open up on the day in question. And remember, a bit of memorabilia goes a long way! 

Focus on His Style

We all have our own unique sense of style – if you’re married or related to a guy who loves the way he looks, this is definitely the route to go down. For example, if the guy in question loves accessories, looking into men’s luxury bracelets and padding out his jewelry box could be the way forward. This is especially true if all he wears are watches! Giving him something else stylish to put on is always a safe bet. 

Go Through His Stomach

They often say it’s the best way to a man’s heart! And the same principle applies when you’re trying to get a great present. If he’s a bit of a foodie and loves a tasty snack, buying him something he can either eat or use to cook good food with is a win-win. If he loves to grill, for example, a personalized apron could be a good fit. Or if he’s got a huge sweet tooth, a giant chocolate bar with his name on could make his eyes light up! 

What Could Make His Work Life Easier?

Around 33% of our lives are spent working, so if you can’t think of anything else, this is your last resort. Buy him something practical yet enjoyable that’ll make his working life just a bit easier and he’ll love what you’ve wrapped up. A pillow for his desk chair that helps to keep his spine straight, or a custom-made picture frame that features the two of you for his desk, are two great gifts that can help make his work life more comfortable. 

If you need to buy a gift for a guy in your life, you don’t have to race around the shops looking for something even slightly suitable! You just need ideas like those above to narrow down the categories. 

Main Image Credit Pexels Image – CC0 Licence