Introduction To Aromatherapy and Its Benefits

Aromatherapy has been around for ages and is still popular today. Simply put, it is the inhalation of fragrances to achieve a positive benefit mentally, physically and/or emotionally. It is believed that aromatherapy can be used for many things from altering one’s mood to causing physiological changes in the body.  It is long believed that scents evoke feelings, memories, a state of well being and healing.

Aromatherapy is produced with the help of natural oils sourced from herbs, spices, flowers, plants and other natural sources. You will commonly hear people speak to their own experiences with the healing effects that aromatherapy oils have on the human mind and  body. There are also many scientific studies that show how aromatherapy can improve emotional and physical well being.

“Historically, essential oils are best used in the form of massage or bath oils or inhalations. Frequently, it is reported that aromatherapy leaves one feeling uplifted, stimulated, invigorated,  and rejuvenated, depending on the oil used. When inhaled, the various aromas penetrate the bloodstream via the lungs causing physiologic changes. In turn, the limbic system, which controls our emotions and memories, is affected.” (1)

All in all, aromatherapy using natural oils is a proven way to evoke positive changes in various areas of your life.

Some of the ways that aromatherapy can improve one’s mood is by boosting mental sharpness, increasing energy levels, calming anxiety, reducing depression and inducing restfulness and sleep.

Some of the ways that aromatherapy can promote well-being are by reducing headaches, relieving general aches and pains all over the body, boosting the immune system, calming digestive issues, and improving circulation.

Feel Mentally Alert

Rosemary and Sage increase mental alertness and improve brain power.  Rosemary improves focus, memory and increases overall brain performance. Sage is known to reverse mental fatigue by stimulating the brain, nervous system and circulatory system.

Revive Yourself

White Tea and Ginger oils revive your spirit and increase feelings of energy and health. Traditionally, the Chinese use White Tea as a source of vitality and youth. They use Ginger to relieve muscle pains, combat nausea and improve circulation.

Calm Anxiety and Fall Asleep

Cedarwood and Vetiver are both calming and grounding. Cedarwood alleviates symptoms of anxiety and Vetiver can alleviate insomnia.

Relieve Stress

Orange and Bergamont oils individually each have the same properties of being antidepressants and having a mild sedative effect. Use this blend to relieve stress, feel calm and get restful sleep.

If you have not tried aromatherapy yet you are truly missing out on natural and real ways of feeling better and improving your quality of life. Aromatherapy is good for children, adults…even pets! You will be happy that you gave it a try.

Have you ever tried aromatherapy combined with CBD or THC to relieve stress? More and more information is coming out about the positive benefits of CBD and THC and other cannabinoids for relaxation, sleep and a sense of calm. Companies like Finest Labs (here is the Finest Labs official website) offer a variety of products containing these cannabinoids. With marijuana becoming legal in many states, more people are discovering if these products work for them.

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